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Title: The Magic In My Heart Is Dead EP
Artist: God Module
Genre: Dark Electro
Release Date: 19th February 2010
Label: MACHXX (Out of Line - Europe) / Metropolis (US)

Album Review

Washington-based GOD MODULE declares to make spooky dance music. Don't get fooled by the medieval-like piano and organ melodies in the slow, dreamy title song that opens their new EP, 'The Magic In My Heart Is Dead': Spooky dance music is indeed what this EP's all about. The second and arguably the strongest track on the album, 'A Minute To Midnight', captures the essence of GOD MODULE: It's danceable, catchy and… spooky. For GOD MODULE, every day is surely Halloween. With the whizzing synths of 'Art', the EP proceeds on the typical GOD MODULE track and continues with 'Skeptical', which, despite its trance-influenced melodies - a trademark of GOD MODULE - brings in mind somewhat surprising names such as PROJECT PITCHFORK. The association turns out not to be arbitrary - among the remixes is a PROJECT PITCHFORK Mix of 'Skeptical'.

Among the other remixes is e.g. AESTHETIC PERFECTION's version of 'Art', a track with hard-hitting, dance floor-friendly beats that unfortunately has so heavily processed vocals that they border on monotonic. The processing is certainly a deliberate choice, but in this case it does not seem to add any interest to the track, rather the contrary. Besides four new songs and six remixes, the EP also including one cover, 'Me! I Disconnect from You', originally by the influential Synthpop / New Wave artist GARY NUMAN - a nice surprise especially because New Wave tunes appear to fuse pretty well with GOD MODULE's sound. It is obvious that GOD MODULE is not trying to reinvent itself on this EP; however, with their renowned sound that combines trancy Synths and catchy melodies with aggrotech-style harsh vocals, 'The Magic in My Heart Is Dead' is unlikely to disappoint fans.


01. The Magic in My Heart Is Dead - 3:11
02. A Minute to Midnight - 4:48
03. Art - 4:53
04. Skeptical - 4:34
05. Me! I Disconnect from You - 4:09
06. A Minute to Midnight (Shiv-R Mix) - 4:54
07. Art (Ashbury Heights Mix) - 4:28
08. Skeptical (Project Pitchfork Mix) - 4:35
09. Spooky (God Mod Devil Dance Mix) - 4:15
10. A Minute to Midnight (System Syn Mix) - 3:44
11. Art (Aesthetic Perfection Mix) - 4:19


Jasyn Bangert - vocals, synths, programming
Courtney Bangert - vocals, live keyboards
Byron C. Miller - vocals, live keyboards


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Music: 7
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 7.5 / 10


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