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Artist: IAMX
Title: Volatile Times
Genre: Electro/Indie
Release Date: 18th March 2011
Label: 61 Seconds Records / Border Music Distribution

Album Review

IAMX is the solo musical project of Chris Corner. The debut album ‘Kiss + Swallow’ was released in 2004. ‘Volatile Times’ is the fourth studio album and it was released 18th March 2011. I still remember in the 90´s when I heard SNEAKER PIMPS’ ‘Six Underground’ for the first time and the impression it made. Listening through Chris Corner’s latest creation ‘Volatile Times’ takes me both back in time yet also into the future

What I like the most with ‘Volatile Times’ is that the songs are so emotional and brings such a creative feeling that is hard to explain and put words to. I enjoy all the songs on this album and found it interesting that they grew so much the more I listened to them; in the end this became an album that was hard to quit listening to. The moving music, the strong lyrics together with the Chris Corner’s special and sure voice takes it all to another level. The first song on the album is ‘I Salute You Christopher’ and this slow and delicate song really captures my interest. The song give the air of being simple yet it’s so very beautiful and moving that I would like to call it poetic. ‘Music People’ is faster and brings a massive and powerful beat. It’s a pure pleasure to listen to this dark and intense song that speeds up and becomes faster and faster in an intoxicating way that have me catch my breath.

‘Fire and Whisper’ is a strong song that really reaches out and touches; it gives me shivers down my back, it brings me such a strong feeling of artistic quality for lack of better words. The air and the atmosphere together with the slow vocals manage to transform so much more... so much feeling with every word. “In fire, in whisper, I would die for a million years, I promised to be your Rock star, but then Rock stars don’t mean anything anymore”. ‘Dance with Me’ is bare and fragile, in the beginning, it starts with soft, whispered vocals to easy sounding music but then it changes the vocals get louder and more demanding. This is an intense and very interesting song that ends with a beautiful violin part.

The first single from the album is ‘Ghost of Utopia’; this catchy and cool song really grows on you the more you listen to it and then it’s stuck on your mind! I really enjoy the intense sounds and the great rhythm that makes this such a danceable song. The single comes with a video that is directed by Chris Corner and if you have not see it before you can watch it here: While listening through this album I did not expect to come across a song like ‘Into Asylum’, this song simply blew me away from the very first time that I listened to it. The energy and power together with this great rhythm makes it impossible not to turn up the volume and dance around to it! But seriously a song of this grand potential really needs to be longer than 2.30 minutes!


01. I Salute You Christopher
02. Music People
03. Volatile Times
04. Fire and Whisper
05. Dance with Me
06. Bernadette
07. Ghost of Utopia
08. Commanded by Voices
09. Into Asylum
10. Cold Red Light
11. Oh Beautiful Town


Chris Corner - Vocals, guitar, keyboards, drums


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Music: 9
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 9 /10

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