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Artist: Gothminister
Title: Anima Inferna
Genre: Gothic Metal / Industrial Metal
Release Date: 25th March 2011
Label: Danse Macabre

Album Review

Norwegian GOTHMINISTER has been around since 1999 and has become popular especially on German Goth scene. After taking on several more members and three albums later, their fans and listeners are about to be treated to their new one, ‘Anima Inferna’. If we think about it in Jungian terms we will be looking at the sum of feminine psychological qualities, which promise to be nothing but hellish.

GOTHMINISTER takes us first to ‘Stonehenge’. It’s absolutely refreshing to have this ancient site evoked without the New Age enthusiasts’ rose tinted Pagan hallelujahs. This song starts as beautifully sinister with the relentless guitars and menacing vocal, turning to a majestic and epic second part (where you can also hear a female choir voice softening the song and creating an extra layer to the atmosphere) - it makes the idea of Stonehenge to appear more three dimensional. Second song ‘Liar’ is also remixed at the end. It’s a definite club number, a superb beat, merciless guitar riff leaning on their Industrial Metal side. It flows into the next song ‘Juggernaut’ effortlessly, continuing the questioning and accusatory tone.  ‘Solitude’ is wonderfully creepy with its half whispered and even whisper-growled lyrics, the chorus lines in most of the songs seem to bring out the epic in the songs, here it also has a feel of catharsis, still in the dark but you feel a whiff of exaltation.

At times one gets echoes of RAMMSTEIN, 69 EYES, COMBICHRIST. ‘Fade’ is full of suspense with the minimalist composition. ‘The Beast’ follows it with an organ, choir-like faint background singing; soon it becomes the characteristic heavy shredded song with a vocal that growls as if eating flesh of the bone. Be glad, you’ve come to the gates of hell and the distorted voice of the Devil comes through your madness. Then you’ll have some fun with the ‘Liar’ Remix, as you expected this version will be even faster and even more ensnaring and mesmerising. GOTHMINISTER prove here yet again that they can bring out a consistently great music. ‘Anima Inferna’ is an album to appreciate as an original and striking. Epic and unmissable!


01. Stonehenge – 5.20
02. Liar – 3.37
03. Juggernaut – 5.44
04. 616 – 3.24
05. Solitude – 3.25
06. The Beauty Of Fanatism – 4.15
07. Anima Inferna – 4.08
08. Fade – 0.55
09. Hell Opens The Gates – 1.51
10. Liar (Goatmanfest Remix) – 3.37


Gothminister (Bjørn Alexander Brem) – Vocals
Chris Dead (Christian Svendsen) – Drums
Icarus (Glenn Nilsen) – Guitars
Ketil Eggum – Guitars

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Music: 9
Sound: 10
Total: 9.5 / 10

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