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microclocks opinionsareonsale
Artist: microClocks
Title: Opinions Are on Sale
Genre: Rock, Alternative, Electronica
Release Date: 18th November 2011
Label: Artist Station

Album Review

The new album of German rockers MICROCLOCKS entitled ‘Opinions Are on Sale’ produces a very good impression just with the first seconds. Some sophisticated music lovers may probably become alerted because of such accessibility of the material, but I guess it’s just a matter of taste. And actually a listener should really spend some time to understand the songs to the full: each track sounds unique but at the same time doesn’t break the composition integrity of the album. Here can find synthetics so popular nowadays, industrial elements typical for many German bands, classical Rock’n’Roll sound with lean guitar riffs and acoustic fingering. Besides there are even scratches perfectly combining with the strings that implicitly displays contrasts of the style which is eclectic enough. The voice of the singer is endowed with a pleasant timbre and a wealth of intonations which add diversity to every song. So the backing vocals sometimes seem even unsuitable.

The album includes 10 compositions with the total length of about 50 minutes. The audience could be very different not only according to the above-mentioned reasons but also because the record sometimes savours of British progressive rock or trip-hop so the more you listen to it, the more peculiar things you can find. ‘Opinions Are on Sale’ will definitely interest those who like classic sound or progressive or industrial. And of course if you want to feel the atmosphere of a big city in early spring, the awaking of the Sun after winter the album is just for you.


01. Hyperion – 5:28
02. Opinions Are on Sale – 3:58
03. Revolution – 4:09
04. Is Anybody out There – 4:37
05. Do You…? – 4:13
06. What Happens – 4:18
07. New World Order – 4:37
08. All Eyes on You – 4:50
09. The Wanderer – 7:11
10. The Spirit That Denies – 6:37


JT – Vocals
Stevie Jay – Keys, Backing Vocals
ShapeShifter – Guitars
Oliver Melchers – Guitars, Keys
Hendrik Hausmann – Drums

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microclocks opinionsareonsale


Music: 10
Sound: 10
Total: 10 / 10 

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