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microclocks soonbeforesundown
Artist: microClocks
Title: Soon Before Sundown
Genre: Electro Rock
Release Date: 18th November 2016
Label: Echozone

Album Review

From the very beginning of the MICROCLOCKS' 'Soon Before Sundown', a very strong statement starts to sound from the speakers. The chords, the melodies, the vocals - everything prepares the listener to stand up and fight. No time to explain! Many people failed to label MICROCLOCKS with any kind of musical style. Meanwhile the musicians themselves explain the roots of their music are in the 80s. Also there is a big influence of electronic music, especially industrial. However, the musicians managed it to create their own sound. It is not the sound that everybody will necessary love, but still their own firm sound. Their musical statement is based on the hard rock guitars, pretty heavy drums and ringing keys. As for the vocals - it might be another highlight. At first, you listen to it, and it kind of reminds you on someone, but very remotely and not that important. Then you start to appreciate the vocalist's manner, because he's quite authentic, he does his best and you can easily spot it. To the end of the album the squeaking sounds with every breath he takes start to annoy, but you still love it, because this is a signature vocals of the whole epoch.

MICROCLOCKS impress with their incredible musical teamwork. As if there was a red line, going through the album and tying the record together. The album sounds whole, without any single "but". The melodies and vocals support the general musical direction, every element seem to be properly chosen for each exact moment. If there is anything what you can describe as a "absolutely correct album" - it is MICROCLOCKS' 'Soon Before Sundown'. It doesn't mean that everybody will like it. It's just the band truly understands the laws of music, and the idea of several people creating the one unique piece of music. To appreciate this record you surely need to be into wave of the 80s and have interest in hard rock.


01. Follow The…
02. White Rabbit
03. Soon Before Sundown
04. Love’s End
05. The Edge
06. Here I Am
07. Life Is Grim
08. Confession
09. Nothing But a Thought
10. To a Friend
11. Raptor


JT – Vox
Stevie Jay – Keys
Marc Dorman – Guitars
Daniel "Butcher" Stieber – Drums

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microclocks soonbeforesundown


Music: 6
Sound: 8
Total: 7 / 10

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