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megacolossus v
Artist: Mega Colossus
Title: V
Genre: Heavy Metal / US Prog
Release Date: 8th February 2019
Label: Salamandastron Records

Album Review

All good things go by three, although true I will not stop to review everything I get from MEGA COLOSSUS. The EP ‘V’ is the first recorded sign of life since their debut ‘Hyperglaive’ (after rebranding from COLOSSUS to MEGA COLOSSUS) in 2016; the five-piece from Raleigh, North Carolina really stepped up their game in a mayor way! I never heard of this excellent band before 2019 when I came out of my writing hiatus. Shortly after my return I made the acquaintance of Killer Metal Records and was made aware of MEGA COLOSSUS. To describe the sound of these guys is a task of its own, the best of Prog mixed with kick-ass True Metal (LORD WEIRD SLOUGH FEG meets IRON MAIDEN). Usually every song of the last three records (two COLOSSUS and one MEGA COLOSSUS output) I heard was full of staccato riff, trippy rhythms, hooks and transitions galore.

The magic in all this is that the music is fucking complex but never that step to far away from being intriguingly catchy and kind of hypnotic. This EP is a bit different: ‘King Kaiju’ is the only song that is like the stuff I reviewed before, ‘Atlas’ and ‘Navigator’ are much more melody driven in a way ignorant gatekeepers would maybe call poppy or compliant. The two mentioned songs are still interlaced and very sophisticated but they sound as if you could make millions with them on radio. Hell ‘Bug Hunt’ even has a small part with gang shouts! Normally not my cup of tea but the use of it in this surrounding is just fitting very well. To sum this up: ‘V’ is just a taste of what’s to come and I believe what comes is the record of the year (depending on when the next full-length will arrive). Buy everything these guys recorded, trust me.


01. Kaiju King
02. Atlas
03. Bug Hunt
04. Navigator
05. The Mountain That Rides (Live)
06. Sea Of Stars (Live)


Doza Medoza – Drums
Stephen Cline – Guitars
Bill Fisher – Guitars
Sean “The Train” Buchanan – Vocals
Anthony Micale – Bass

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Cover Picture

megacolossus v


Music: 10
Sound: 10
Total: 10 / 10

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