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megacolossus riptime
Artist: Mega Colossus
Title: Riptime
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 17th December 2021
Label: self-released

Album Review

Once upon a time, when I started to write again after a three-year hiatus, I discovered Raleigh, North Carolina’s finest: MEGA COLOSSUS! Originally formed in 2005 as COLOSSUS these guys invented a unique blend of complex, progressive, fast and ultra-melodic metal that manages to blow my mind every frigging time! The quality of epic compositions with compelling yet extensive structures that fascinate while kicking mayor ass still gets me to raise my fist no matter which song plays. The new output ‘Riptime’ is self-released later in December and I can tell you that this is among the best outputs of the year, at least in my honest opinion. The opener ‘Razor City’ is a straight yet almost long track that keeps you at an high energy level from the get go, ‘Midnight Zone’ is more of a hymn while ‘Vigilo Confido’ is the first song that does not rip you to shreds while listening to it for the first time. ‘Tinker Tanner’ is more of a complex track with loads of transitions, bridges and solos.

‘Run to the Fight’ is a melodic banger, up-tempo and not too complicated (big 80s vibes here). ‘Boiling Seas’ is more of this epic 80s vibe I mentioned earlier and it is full of wild guitar riffs and high-pitched vocals. ‘Iron Rain’ is the closing epic of this seven-track record, it is less extensive than some of the albums tracks yet seems to have more depth when it comes to atmosphere and structural highlights. Over the whole length of the record, I had the urge to sing along without knowing jack shit about the lyrics, what a fascinating sensation that was! I always loved the melodic build of everything these guys did as of yet and as I stated to anyone that ever talked to me about MEGA COLOSSUS I love the melodies, riffs and above all: the vocals! Sean Buchanan sometimes reminds me of BLIND GUARDIAN’s Hansi Kürsch and the songs itself do remind me of a more complex but less fast version of GAMABOMB.

If you dig bands like IRON MAIDEN and THE LORD WEIRD SLOUGH FEG you should just buy the band discography, I bet you won’t regret it a second or mourn a cent of your hard-earned money.


01. Razor City
02. Midnight Zone
03. Vigilo Confido
04. Tinker Tanner
05. Run To The Fight
06. Boiling Seas
07. Iron Rain


Bill Fischer – Guitars
Sean Buchanan – Vocals
Doza Mendoza – Drums

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Cover Picture

megacolossus riptime


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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