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Baard Kolstad (drums) of Leprous, at Brutal Assault Festival (Jaroměř, Czech Republic) 2016

From the street drummer till the V-Drums World Champion title, if you haven't heard yet about Baard Kolstad, you definitely will! LEPROUS, BORKNAGAR, DJ&DRUMS are just some of his projects... At Brutal Assault Festival, Baard came with LEPROUS and the new ‘The Congregation’ album (The concert review you can find here).

This interview was made before the LEPROUS concert. We talked with Baard about different aspects of his music career, and what will happen in 2017. If you are curious what can be done with the street drumming money, how to learn interesting drums tricks, where was Baard's first metal festival gig, and when the new LEPROUS album is coming, than check this short but information full interview! Even though the interview was not in the plan at first, everything went exactly as it has to be, and the funniest part was when the whole building went dark (electricity off), exactly in the moment when Baard wanted to greet Reflections of Darkness readers. Enjoy!

LEPROUS - The Price (Official Video): 
BORKNAGAR - Baard Kolstad (Drum Solo Wacken Open Air):
DJ&DRUMS (Promo Video):
Baard Kolstad (Drum Solo):

In the moment LEPROUS is touring with DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT and BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME, check dates here!

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