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DSC 6200Rockhal, Esch sur Alzette, Luxembourg
8th December 2021
Leprous - “From the Beginning” 20th Anniversary Tour - Support: Aiming for Enrike, Wheel

After a long time, there was a reason to party again. Firstly, concerts have been taking place in the Grand Duchy since a long time, and secondly, the band that performed at the Rockhal on Wednesday had every reason to do so. The band LEPROUS, founded in 2001 in Telemark, Norway, was celebrating its 20th anniversary. Congratulations!

Music & Performance
That’s why the Rockhal was visited by a good number of people on Wednesday evening. All under the Covid 19 rules, of course. To make the 20th anniversary tour something special, LEPROUS dug up some long-buried pieces that went back to the band’s beginnings. Old photos were also projected in the background at the beginning of the set.

DSC 6204

The set itself was very varied, as the Norwegians played two songs from each released album, which meant that songs were included that the band hasn’t played live for a while. As usual from LEPROUS, the performance was convincing all along the line. There were also some guest musicians, such as former drummer Tobias Ørnes Andersen, who performed for a handful of songs at the same time as current drummer Baard Kolstad, so two drums were used here, while a trumpet player accompanied the band for a few songs of the set. But also, frontman Einar Solberg, with his stunning vocal range, delivered a grandiose show. But to end the concert on a high note, the Norwegians played the rhythmic and progressive 2019 release ‘The Sky is Red’ to thunderous applause.

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01. Silent Waters
02. Eye of the Storm
03. Disclosure
04. Passing
05. Dare You
06. Forced Entry
07. Painful Detour
08. Foe
09. The Valley
10. The Price
11. Slave
12. Bonneville
13. From the Flame
14. Below
15. Distant Bells
16. Out of Here
17. Nighttime Disguise
18. The Sky is Red

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All pictures by Elena Arens

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