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lakobeil strangeencounter
Artist: Lakobeil
Title: Strange Encounter
Genre: Electro Wave Pop
Release Date: 11th November 2011
Label: Echozone

Album Review

It is always interesting to know where some projects are coming from, what did musicians do before and what happened to them. Both members of LAKOBEIL, Dirk Lakomy and Tobias Birkenbeil, previously were working with UMBRA ET IMAGO. They stayed in contact because they worked also at the same label. In perspective of history their cooperation was a question of time, which in fact happened back in 1993. But how did they come to this musical style? Except for different kinds of cooperation with Mozart (UMBRA ET IMAGO, DRACUL) they have experience of working in other bands, like DERRIÈRE LE MIROIR and FACTORY LIFE, which are supposed to be more about electronic music. However, November 2011 the duo presented their debut album ‘Strange Encounter’.

You need just to look through the tracklist and you can’t help smiling. Especially joyful I find the number called ‘0815’. With this “code” originally belongs to typical gun “MG-08/15” used widely during the First World War. Today with “0815” German describe something typical, standard, and not original. Self-ironically the musicians wanted to say maybe, that they don’t create anything unique either. The album sounds really like nothing special, not better but also not worse than most of works in this musical direction. It’s easy to notice that old school EBM, Electroclash and electronic music of 80-s influenced the band a lot, and they continue those nice traditions. More over there is already a song, which could be a potential hit, ‘Cairo’ isn’t that easy to throw out of your head.


01. Strange Encounter (Intro)
02. Amygdala
03. Sleeper
04. Contemplation
05. Sebastiane
06. That's all
07. 0815
08. Crimetime
09. Cairo
10. Push it to the MAX


Dirk Lakomy – Composing, lyrics, electronic, producing, artwork
Tobias Birkenbeil – Composing, lyrics, electronic, producing, vocals


Cover Picture

lakobeil strangeencounter


Music: 6
Sound: 7
Total: 7.5 / 10

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