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Artist: Lake Of Tears
Title: Illwill
Genre: Gothic Metal
Release Date: 29th April 2011
Label: AFM Records

Album Review

When one hears LAKE OF TEARS, they may think they’re hearing a resurrection of a band like SENTENCED, which was also known for its rock oriented, gothic metal style, except with LAKES OF TEARS they have a much fuzzier and old school approach which adds to the raw emotion of their music. With their latest album, ‘Illwill,’ it seems the band has gotten more in touch with their rock elements. Tracks like ‘Floating in Darkness’ and ‘Parasite’ just take right off with groove and catchy rhythms which is atypical to the usual gothic metal approach which is slow and depressing. Instead, LAKE OF TEARS just tear right into things with the power of a band like AC/DC and forsake a lot of the haunting melodies that populated their previous albums and go for more of an energetic album. The darkness that enshrouds their work is still present, but it is more like a punch to the face rather than a passive aggressive assault. As a result, fans possibly will find a new reason to enjoy this group for their attempt to go the rock route.

For those who sorely need their depression fix, there are some slower and more “gothic” oriented tracks on the album. ‘House Of The Setting Sun’ opts for more of a slower and melancholic tempo that just drags on with the vocals howling in anguish, almost like the way a slower OZZY OSBOURNE track would go, so one could still say the rock elements are still present. Like SENTENCED, the band makes an excellent use of melody within their music structure and go for creating something that hits hard emotionally in the lyrics just as much as the sound. Another track, ‘Midnight Madness’, also tries to go for the same effect, but the mixing of heavy and slower passages just doesn’t compare as the harder stuff just blows everything out of the water with the intensity of heavy metal and hard rock that defies the usual trends of what is expected of gothic metal. LAKE OF TEARS are not here to lament; they are here to take their pain and shove it down the listeners’ throat as hard as possible.

As a result, ‘Illwill’ is not going to be the typical gothic rock or metal piece that fans might have expected. The group’s doom metal aspects seem all but gone and instead are replaced more by the aggressive side of life rather than melancholy. It is a new twist on things, but also a risky move because fans will probably dislike the album simply for the change. However, there is just as much of a hope of obtaining new fans who really think the high paced energy on ‘Illwill’ suits them just fine.


01. Floating In Darkness - 3:14
02. Illwill - 4:19
03. The Hating - 4:37
04. U.N.S.A.N.E. - 4:51
05. House Of The Setting Sun - 5:37
06. Behind The Green Door - 3:58
07. Parasites - 2:55
08. Out Of Control - 2:55
09. Taste Of Hell - 3:46
10. Midnight Madness - 4:11


Daniel Brennare - Vocals, Guitar
Johan Oudhuis - Drums
Fredrik Jordanius - Guitar, Bass, Vocals


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Music: 7
Sound: 7
Total: 7 / 10

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