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siminah bemyguest
Artist: Simi Nah
Title: Be My Guest
Genre: New-Wave / EBM
Release Date: 6th June 2014
Label: W2K Music

Album Review

For those who do not know her, SIMI NAH is a French-born artist who is now based in Ostend (Belgium). She has played bass in various bands, including PRAGA KHAN, THE CHICKS... A few years ago, she started a solo project together with her “partner in crime”, the Belgian musician/ producer KGB aka Kenny Germain B, a project which also includes Safyée, aka Alice Thiel, the daughter of the late Micky Mike (SNOWY RED). After two albums, ‘Cherchez La Femme’ and ‘5’, several singles, EP's and remixes, she's back with an album, ‘Be My Guest’, which features covers of classic alternative songs from the late 70s / 80s. The very nice surprise is the presence of very famous figures of the Belgian new-wave scene.

The first jewel on this album is the cover of 'Eisbär' (from GRAUZONE) with, on vocals, Simi Nah and Danny Mommens (from VIVE LA FÊTE), a title that Mommens knows well since he has been covering it live with his band. A strong start! 'Follow me' was a disco hit by Amanda Lear; it is revisited here by Nikkie van Lierop, singer of the new-beat bands LORDS OF ACID, 101, ... The voice is low, the atmosphere very electro and it's bound to become a hit in the clubs. On the next track, Simi Nah and KGB resurrect the classic 'Nag Nag Nag' by CABARET VOLTAIRE, and invite Dirk Da Davo from THE NEON JUDGEMENT to do the vocals. The very lo-fi sound of the original is replaced here by a powerful production. A hit!

'Disco Rough' is a hit from 1980 by the French project MATHÉMATIQUES MODERNES. Produced by Janco, it was even named "single of the week" by NME. Here, the version is slower than the original, delightfully new-beat and it's the great Luc Van Acker (REVOLTING COCKS, ...) who lends his voice to the composition. Then another nice surprise comes up with a cover of ‘You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)’ by DEAD OR ALIVE with the voice of another legend of the Belgian New-Wave, Dirk Ivens (ABSOLUTE BODY CONTROL, THE KLINIK, DIVE, …). The transformation is bluffing and the result, a real club killer. Logically, 'Euroshima (Wardance)', SNOWY RED's biggest hit, is sung by Safyée, the daughter of Marcel Thiel. We had already discovered this version live but this studio version is even more touching, a true emotion emerges from this tribute. Beautiful!

On the final track, the classic 'Fade to Grey' (VISAGE), Simi invited her partner, KGB , to accompany her on vocals and the duo works perfectly. As “bonus tracks” we get two titles had only been published in electronic form, 'Dressing Room - the Naked mix' and 'Flashback'. In a nutshell, this album is a very nice collection of tracks that will allow you to (re)discover the rich heritage of the new wave, as well as some legendary personalities who have marked their era. Nice job, guys!

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Release Date: June 6, 2014
Production: Simi Nah & KGB
Recording and mastering at studio Atomic Belgium
Artwork: Why2k Graphics


01. Cheree Cheree - (Suicide), featuring Wim Punk (The Wolf Banes)
02. Eisbär - (Grauzone), featuring Danny Mommens (Vive la Fête)
03. Follow me - (Amanda Lear), featuring Nikkie van Lierop (Lords of Acid)
04. Nag Nag Nag - (Cabaret Voltaire), featuring Dirk Da Davo (The Neon Judgement)
05. You Spin Me Round - (Dead or Alive), featuring Dirk Ivens (The Klinik)
06. Wardance - (Snowy Red), featuring Safyée (daughter of Snowy Red)
07. Disco Rough - (Mathématique Moderne), featuring Luc Van Acker
08. Fade to Grey - (Visage), featuring KGB (Coma)


Simi Nah, KGB and guests

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siminah bemyguest


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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