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Artist: U.D.O.
Title: Rev-Raptor
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 20th May 2011
Label: AFM Records

Album Review

Gifted with a very characteristic voice, Udo Dirkschneider is here once again with a CD that takes no prisoners. Straight-forward Heavy, the ‘Rev-Raptor’ can be compared with the best days of ACCEPT and I can say that it doesn’t lack at any point in front of the past. Not only that, it also sets the bar high for the future albums of U.D.O. Where to start from? Probably from the ‘Rock’n’Roll Soldiers’, a heavy and restless song which at the same time shows the mentality not only of Udo but of his band as well. ‘True born Winners’ which brings to my mind the ‘Winners and Losers’, picks up where the latter stopped, and the ‘Days of Hope and Glory’ which is superb in its optimism and its heavy and hard melody, are just some of the highlights of the album. Of course much of its glory should go to ‘Rev-Raptor’, which opens the album superbly, a fast song and a pure Metal joy to listen to.

And then to ‘Leatherhead’ which Udo should use to “terrorize” the crowds of metal infidels! It opens slowly, then brings on the heaviness and after that it is head banging! Actually the whole album is an endless head banging, aggressive and mild where it should be and as it should be. Not a single song can be found lacking here. And though the Heavy Metal, musically, can be seen as a set of patterns; riffs, solos, etc the thing that matters is the attitude. To remember the lyrics of an old HELLOWEEN song “Heavy Metal is the law that keeps us all, united, free, the law that shutters Earth and Hell” and it is that very point that Udo Dirkschneider is defending here, not only as a true ‘Rock’n’Roll Soldier’ but also as a Heavy Metal General, in times of conformism, defeatism and melodrama.


01. Rev- Raptor – 3.41
02. Leatherhead – 4.09
03. Renegade – 3.29
04. I Give As Good As I Get – 4.18
05. Dr. Death – 3.45
06. Rock’n’Roll Soldiers – 4.16
07. Terrorvision – 3.59
08. Underworld – 4.18
09. Pain Man – 3.53
10. Fairy Tales Of Victory – 4.00
11. Motor-Borg – 3.24
12. True Born Winners – 3.25
13. Days Of Hope And Glory – 4.28


Udo Dirkschneider – Vocals
Stefan Kaufmann – Guitar
Igor Gianola – Guitar
Fitty Wienhold – Bass
Francesco Jovino – Drums

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Music: 10
Sound: 10
Total: 10 / 10

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