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Christmas Day was celebrated on December 25. We wondered how the musicians were planning to celebrate the most important holiday of the year We asked them to answer on two questions
1. How do you plan to celebrate this Christmas
2. Can you remember your most unusual Christmas celebrating

On our questions were answered: Jack Gibson (Exodus), Dan Mongrain (Voivod), David Ellefson (Megadeth), Victor Smolski (Rage), Marc Lynn (Gotthard), Anders Johansson (HammerFall) and Igor Gianola (UDO). Read what they had to say and how they probably spent Christmas…

Jack Gibson (Exodus)
I will be with my family this year. I have spent a couple Christmas' in Europe with friends. One year in Sweden. It was -20c and that is cold for a California boy!!

Dan Mongrain (Voivod)
I don't celebrate Christmas in a Christian way. It’s just a good time to spend time with close friends and family. With people, who you love. Drink good beers, play music, hanging out. My most unusual Christmas celebrating…-I was onstage playing in a club with a Metallica Tribute... It was strange. Far from anyone close. But we had a good time.
Merry Christmas!!
Happy new year!!
Peace and health!

David Ellefson (Megadeth)
How do you plan to celebrate this Christmas… I'm home withy may family this year and started putting up lights, trees and decorations around the house about three weeks ago when I came home on some tour breaks in November. I usually start my annual Christmas baking a couple days before December 24th/ 25th as we are quite social with our friends' families in town where we live in Arizona. On Christmas day, my wife cooks an amazing Italian meal and we are looking to have about 20 guests over for dinner. More importantly than all of the celebration is that this holiday represents the birth of Jesus Christ. As I've gotten older, the commercialization of Christmas and we really try to put the focus on the celebration of God's Son. That means at least one or two worship services in and around Christmas. Christmas has always been my favourite holiday of the year since I can remember. So, I'm always at home with my family and I think now it's about the joy of seeing my children come to appreciate the meaning of Christmas as Christ's birthday. All of the other festivities come second...

Victor Smolski (Rage)
This year I celebrate Christmas with friends in Finland. We go by husky-sleighs through the snow and have a big party in the tent in Arctic Circle. And the best way to survive in –36 Grad Celsius is drinking a lot of Russian vodka. My most unusual Christmas celebrating was in Dubai in the desert, riding drunken camels.

Marc Lynn  (Gotthard)
After a long year of touring, Christmas is always the time where you can relax a bit. It's the only time of the year, where you don't have to fix a date to see your family. You just know you'll meet. So it's all about spending some good time with your loved ones and drink a bottle of good wine together :) Not really..... once my flight back from the USA was so in delay, I made it home shortly before midnight, missed a great dinner ;) but nevertheless everything worked out.

Anders Johansson (HammerFall)
I'm spending it with my family and grand parents. At my home. The most unusual was probably when I first started with Üngwie's band, we had nothing, no food, money, gas for the car, no power no heat. It was raining. It was in Las Angeles. It was not nice, but things changed shortly after that... Merry X-mas!

Igor Gianola (UDO)
I'll celebrate Christmas with my daughters, ma girlfriend, my parents and my brother as usually do. Nothing strange, just the pleasure to stay with people I love Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you and your family too!

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