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Artist: Various Artists
Title: World Wide Electronics Volume 1
Genre: Electro / Industrial / EBM / Gothic
Release Date: 8th April 2011
Label: Out of Line

Album Review

This is the first volume of a compilation called ‘World Wide Electronics’ which was the brainchild of Johan Van Roy from SUICIDE COMMANDO. Several of the songs in this volume feature him on guest vocals. Johan Van Roy combined the best electronic tracks by bands from around the world. The first track by ASPHYXIA titled ‘I know you hate me’ is simply amazing with drum beats and a hypnotizing electronic flow that continues into oblivion and then rises up into the eternal. The music wonders into some unknown mist looking for eccentric adventures in the darkness. The next track by BETAMORPHOSE - ‘In the name of god’ - starts out with a powerful introduction going into constant drumming throughout the song. The beats are almost blasphemous. The track by C-LEKKTOR, ‘World of fantasy (mekaniszmo remix)’, is a really nice dance remix that will have the listener bouncing up and down and all over the place. The track by STAHLNEBEL vs BLACK SELKET, ‘Missbraucht’ (featuring Suicide Commando), is really interesting to listen to and seems to scream its direct message on different levels. The seductive vocals take the listener down into the abyss and out again. A pure electronic orgasm!

The next track ‘Prisoner (dark mix)’ by CONTROLLED COLLAPSE is a bit more calming coming after the previous track but is equally as interesting to listen to with pulsating electronic sounds and sequences. The track by TERROLOKAUST, ‘God loves the violence’, is so brutal it bleeds from its electronic pulsating heart. The two vocals compliment each other in a intertwined motion of violence. With this song you will get “the instinct to kill” and much more! Next song ‘Warlord’ by VPROJEKT starts out slowly then goes into heavy vocals and huge and hard beats mixed with pulsating and thumping electronic sounds. GINGER SNAP5’s ‘Ginger girl’ is a really happy sounding song with a dark love theme which can be easily danced to. A love gone bad but the song itself is good! The track ‘Fall asleep’ by NANO INFECT starts out like a twisted dream that turns into a nightmare. Its electronic beats sound as if someone is running through the different stages of the nightmare. The next track by PROJECT ROTTEN - ‘Embraced by flames’ - starts out with a really fast and quick beat continuing with a really great sequence of beats that take the listener into the fire of possessed flames of sounds pulsating out their electronic meaning enhancing the whole experience.

‘Remember’ by INFACT seems to have its own pulse that carries itself into thoughts of the past. The listener can almost hear the feeling of sad reminiscing in the melodies with the lyrics “Remember the lies, the stolen memories”. A nice tune! The song ‘Psycho destruxion’ (feat. Suicide Commando) by REAXION GUERRILLA takes the listener into a world of shredded sounds and pounding beats that seems to become more insane as it goes on. MILDREDA’s track ‘The parting (alpha version)’ starts out with the most beautiful sequential electronic beats that just pulsate like flowing electricity through the instruments which creates the most beautiful combination of electronic sound. Amazing! The track by EXPERIMENT, ‘The end of an era’, starts out on a slower note and eases the listener into pounding beats and darker vocals then spirals the listener into a circle of blissful confusion going around and around. ‘Normandy (D-day mix)’ by DETROIT DIESEL is a really fun tune that can be danced to. A great song that pops in and out of the listeners consciousness. The last track by BREATHE, ‘Mit deiner Haut’, is a perfect song to end this great compilation of tracks with. Its dark seductive sound seeps into the subconscious and also makes the listener reminisce on the great music that was included in this volume. A proper ending to a great electronic music experience.

SUICIDE COMMANDO fans and those of you who like the electro industrial sound will want to run out and purchase this CD. It has 17 tracks that takes about an hour to listen through. It is pure Industrial/Electro bliss!

Videos on You Tube (Note: The sound of these songs are great on You Tube!)
Asphyxia - I know you hate me:
Betamorphose - In the name of god:


01. Asphyxia - I know you hate me
02. Betamorphose - In the name of god
03. C-lekktor - World of fantasy (mekaniszmo remix)
04. Stahlnebel vs Black Selket - Missbraucht featuring Suicide Commando
05. Controlled Collapse - Prisoner (dark mix)
06. Terrolokaust - God loves the violence
07. vProjekt - Warlord
08. Ginger snap5 - Ginger girl
09. Vyrophage - Beyond the clouds (feat. Suicide Commando)
10. Nano Infect - Fall asleep
11. Project Rotten - Embraced by flames
12. Infact - Remember
13. Reaxion Guerrilla - Psycho destruxion (feat. suicide commando)
14. Mildreda - The parting (alpha version)
15. xPeriment - The end of an era
16. Detroit Diesel - Normandy (D-day mix)
17. Breathe - Mit deiner Haut


Various Artists (see tracklist)


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Music: 9
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 8.5 / 10

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