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suicidecommando poster 20141031Meetfactory, Prague, Czech Republic
31st October 2014
Suicide Commando & Painbastard

Not sure why I wanted to see SUICIDE COMMANDO again after just having seen them the week before in Nuremberg and this time even in Czech Republic. Maybe I just wanted to see the city once again and combining a little travel to one of my favourite cities in the world with seeing one of my favourite bands in the world seemed quite attractive to me. So I packed my stuff, a friend of mine and drove to Czech Republic.


Alex P., the driving force behind PAINBASTARD, made his first musical steps in 1995. With his third demo release ‘Skin on Fire’, he attracted the interest of German label Accession Records where he released the same-titled debut in May 2005. Throughout the years, and with a continuous and strong live presence, he acquired a large fan base. With ‘Borderline’ he released his fourth album in September 2007. The latest release was in 2010 and called ‘Kriegserklärung’. /

Music & Performance
Having toured with SUICIDE COMMANDO in 2006, Alex P. and Alex K. shared the stage once again with them. Harsh, electronic sound and deep, distorted vocals were the main ingredients of their show. The angry, aggressive music as well as the imposing shape of the singer, coupled with the respective mimics apparently impressed the audience but all of this aggressiveness was brought to an end, when singer Alex P. asked his girlfriend to come on stage.


Being extremely harsh the whole show in this moment he showed his softer side and told her how much he’d love her. Not sure if I understood it right but it looked like he put some engagement ring on her finger. To be honest this was my favourite part of the whole show, because it looked quite cute. The music of PAINBASTARD couldn’t really convince me as there was nothing special about it, nothing unique. But I guess it’s all a question of whether you like distorted EMB music or not.

Music: 7
Performance: 7
Sound: 9
Light: 9
Total: 8 / 10

Suicide Commando

Not sure how often I introduced SUICIDE COMMANDO the past months. Maybe I have written way too much about this band, maybe not. Those who visit Electro Festivals have definitely stumbled over the band’s name, those who go out dancing have heard one of their tracks before. There’s no one in this scene who has never heard of Johan van Roy and his musical project. Founded in the 1980’s and after releasing several cassettes, van Roy released his first album named ‘Critical Stage’ in 1994.The latest album publication of the electro band was released in 2013 and is called ‘When evil speaks’. Well-known songs of SUICIDE COMMANDO are ‘Hellraiser’, ‘Bind, Torture, Kill’ or ‘Hate me’- my personal favourite of the 2010 album ‘Implements of Hell’. /


Music & Performance
Three good things on one day: Halloween, Prague and SUICIDE COMMANDO. At least these are three good things in my world. I never visited such a good concert. I know, I complained a lot about the audience in Nuremberg and how lame they were. The people in Prague were absolutely amazing and really enjoyed the show. I spoke to a few people before the show started and they all told me, that there wouldn’t be so many electro concerts there. So maybe the audience was only that amazing and going along with the band because they’re not as spoiled as we are in Germany with having electro bands playing. Not sure who influenced whom. Was it the audience influencing Johan van Roy to be more outgoing than in Nuremberg or was it Johan being more outgoing who made the audience freak out more? I like to end up covered in sweat and bruises after a concert, I like to lose my voice when a show was fun. And it was fun. Not because it was one of my favourite bands performing or because I could hear some of my favourite songs once again. It was fun because the audience was amazing.


I have never seen so many happily freaking out people at one spot, trust me. Thank you Czech people for making my Halloween unforgettable. And thank you SUICIDE COMMANDO for surviving me throwing glitter on you and for playing another really nice show. There are not many bands which I like to see more than once in such a short period of time, but I must admit, I still don’t have enough of Torben, Mario and Johan playing live.

Music: 10
Performance: 10
Sound: 9
Light: 9
(Audience: 10)
Total: 9.6 / 10


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