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hocico03K17, Berlin, Germany
1st to 3rd March 2013
Out of Line Weekender Day 3: Too Dead To Die, Cephalgy, Aesthetic Perfection, Pankow, Hocico

It’s the first weekend in March and the second Out of Line Weekender was well-prepared to welcome guest from near and far. Berlin’s K17 was the festival area for so many Out of Line bands this year. Three days of electronic music from soft to hard were organized to surprise the audience with really different bands.

Too Dead To Die
TOO DEAD TO DIE is an electro one-man project from Russia making some softer, danceable electro music. When the singer Andy Ribcage (vocal, music, lyrics) entered the stage, he looked quite lost and nervous about playing live. In fact, he’s actually working on his debut album and not having that much live experience - this is a fact to forgive. It seemed like Out of Line got all the handsome looking guys on day three as a highlight for the fan girls. Playing hard beats mixed with synthesizer sounds and a look made of leather, all black and cyber-like lights, Andy created sounds for the younger electro fans. // // Setlist: 01. Let the Show begin / 02. Another Sin / 03. Murder on the Dancefloor / 04. Under the Gun / 05. NLTL / 06. Poison Bass / 07. Your Scars is mine / 08. Pop Crush / 09. Sick Parade


The German dark electro project CEPHALGY exists since 1997 and has several friends. With dark wave melodies, thoughtful and sometimes sad lyrics, the band makes their fans dive into the music. As the second band of the evening and also having a name in the electro scene, CEPHALGY were welcomed with a big applause. Flirting with some girls in the front row and letting them sing some of the lyrics of ‘Schwarze Göttin’, singer Jörg definitely entertained the audience. Having lights on their sunglasses the, synths players Ronny and Kai created a spacy and dark atmosphere. // /


Aesthetic Perfection
AESTHETIC PERFECTION is a music project based out of Los Angeles. Lead singer Daniel Graves combines dark beats with his great and thrilling voice. When Daniel entered the stage he definitely had the attention of the girls out there. Who would not have a look at a handsome looking singer, making dark music and singing the hell out of his soul? For my ears, the drums were a bit too loud, so that it was hard to understand the lyrics of the songs. But after three songs it got better and I was able to understand what Daniel was singing. It’s always a pleasure to watch AESTHETIC PERFECTION live because not only the band’s name tells about perfection, the band live is musical perfection. // /


Seeing the Italian Electro band PANKOW on stage was a mixture of watching pure insanity, listening to pure beats and experiencing a quite interesting mixture of different music styles. The band released their first album 25 years ago and I have to say that they’re still very unique. With a mixture of EBM, Industrial and some kind of Electro-Rock, the band caught the audience’s attention. Looking like a late 80s Rock band and playing Electro was definitely a new thing to listen and watch for people there. Most impressive but also funny was their song about vodka (‘Wodka, Erdbeeren und Weitere Katastrophen’) which definitely amused everyone. If anyone’s interested in listening to them on CD, their latest album is called ‘And Shun the Cure They Most Desire’ and was out on 1st March 2013. // /


If there world would have ended at Out of Line Weekender day three, HOCICO would have played the perfect soundtrack. The well-known Mexican band who is famous for their hard beats, anger lyrics and perfect synthesizer arrangements was a great headliner to end the three-day-festival. Being celebrated by the audience, singer Erk made people go crazy to his songs. Starting with ‘Intruder’ and continuing with even more rageful songs the band absolutely made the audience sweat. A festival full of electronic sounds, synthesizer dance music and harsh electro songs found its end with the masters of Electro – Erk Aicrag and Racso Agroyam. // / // Setlist: 01. Intruder / 02. T.O.S / 03. Bite Me / 04. Dead Trust / 05. Altered States / 06. Untold Blasphemies / 07. Fed Up / 08. Polarity / 09. Where Words Fail, Hate Speaks / 10. Poltergeist / 11. Vile Whispers / 12. Tiempos De Furia / 13. The Watched


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All pictures by Simon Hönscheid

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