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hocico losdiascaminando
Artist: Hocico
Title: Los Dias Caminando en El Fuego (20 Years Keeping The Blood Boiling)
Genre: Electro-Industrial/ Aggrotech
Release Date: 30th August 2013
Label: Out of Line

Album Review

HOCICO, a band that doesn’t need so much in terms of introduction on the scene, is celebrating their 20’s anniversary with a selection of previously lost and unreleased tracks and one new song in this compilation entitled as ‘Los Dias Caminando en El Fuego [Days of walking on fire] - (20 Years Keeping The Blood Boiling)’. Outright I can say it’s not only a great idea to get these songs together but listening to it the proof is immediately obvious – it’s fucking great! It’s also one of those albums where singling out songs proves difficult because all are remarkable and also diverse - they show more of the band’s elements in a way that feels organic and not a mere show-off. If there was a gun to my head though let’s mention THE CURE cover ‘Trust’ – wonderful song by itself and HOCICO underline it to both sound interesting and yet faithful to the original, bringing a tad more shading to its beautiful melancholy, punctuating it so to speak as they’ve added more urgency, transforming it from a lament that it was with THE CURE into a more passionate one. The first song ‘Ancestros, Das Feuer And The Past (20 Years Ago)’ also sinks its teeth into one as it just holds onto memory and won’t let go. The songs as a whole also sit together well. There’s really not one reason not to have this.


01. Ancestros, Das Feuer And The Past (20 Years Ago)
02. Fade Into Oblivion
03. Thy Kingdome Come
04. Come And Eat It!
05. Song Of Hate
06. Open The Gates Of Hell
07. Army Of Puppets
08. Saviors
09. El Renacer De Los Caídos
10. I'm Insane
11. Dissolve Me
12. Silencio En La Tierra De Los Sueños
13. Trust
14. The Dreamers
15. Go Fuck Yourself!
16. Follow Me Down


Racso Agroyam – programming
Erk Aicrag – lyrics, vocals

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hocico losdiascaminando


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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