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rabiasorda eyemtheblacksheep
Artist: Rabia Sorda
Title: Eye M The Blacksheep
Genre: Rock/ Electronic
Release Date: 30th November 2012
Label: Out of Line

EP Review

The side project of the HOCICO front man Erk Acraig breaks the three-year silence after RABIA SORDA's latest release with a new single/EP 'Eye M The Blacksheep'. Those three years have definitely have their impact on the project: 'Eye M The Blacksheep' presents RABIA SORDA more as a full-blooded rock band than ever, containing only few of the electronic elements that were strongly present in the earliest releases. The new sound is further underlined in the LORD OF THE LOST remix, which takes the song further to the direction of rock and even metal. As if this was not enough, among the remixes is a cover by JOY DIVISION's iconic 'She's Lost Control'. In fact, the remix by KUROSHIO offers the only haven for the fans of more conventional dark electro sound. The rumour has it that RABIA SORDA is to release a long-player later this year. It is going to be very interesting to see whether the project will be further driven apart from the cold electronics of HOCICO. One thing is sure - RABIA SORDA wanders off the beaten track, a refreshing exception among the bands that seem to have stuck on their ever-narrowing tracks.


01. Eye M The Blacksheep
02. Father
03. Eye M The Blacksheep (Lord Of The Lost Remix by Chris Harms & Corvin Bahn)
04. Eye M The Blacksheep (Pankow remix)
05. She's Lost Control (and me too)
06. Eye M The Blacksheep (Absolute Body Control Remix)
07. Eye M The Blacksheep (Kuroshio Pitch Black remix)
08. Eye M The Blacksheep (Officers Remix)


Erk Aicrag – vocals
Jeans – drums
Grigory Feil – synths


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rabiasorda eyemtheblacksheep


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 8 / 10

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