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introKulttempel, Oberhausen, Germany
4th July 2016
Filter & Rabia Sorda

With the new album ‘Crazy Eyes’ in their bag, the US American band FILTER performed as one of the headliners on the “Make Europe great again” alongside with COMBICHRIST, LORD OF THE LOST and RABIA SORDA in Europe. Though these bands performed together in my area I decided not to attend on that evening for some reasons. Thus I was very glad that FILTER had another date and this time even closer to my hometown. The supporting act was a big secret and only at the venue just shortly before the show announced. Unfortunately the show was not sold out.

Rabia Sorda

The Hardcore/ Electronic-Rock-Punk Mexican-German trio consists of the singer Erk Aicrag, Marcus Engel (guitars, keyboards) and Maxx (drums). Erk founded this side project in 2003. Compared with HOCICO, this band is more melodic and without the vocal distortion. Nevertheless the songs are full of energy. With a fulminant show the trio did a perfect warm up for the main act and most of the guests who were already there danced to the songs and enjoyed the performance. I’m quite sure that there would have been already more people to see RABIA SORDA perform if they had the information. So in a way it was a pity that the band appeared as surprise guests. /


01. Intro
02. King of the wasteland
03. Deaf
04. Obey me! (Promises of monsters)
05. Die in Berlin
06. Somewhere along the road
07. Abuse me
08. Eye M the blacksheep
09. Out of control
10. We’re here to win
11. Monster

Music: 7
Performance: 8
Sound: 9
Light: 7
Total: 7.5 / 10



During the stage rebuilding more people arrived at the venue and soon Richard Patrick entered the stage together with his band and started to rock. When I saw him perform some years ago in Cologne a different live band accompanied him. Now he is touring with his long-time friends he also worked with in the studio for the actual album ‘Crazy Eyes’. So now we met: Oumi Kapila (guitar, programming), Chris Reeves (drums), Bobby Miller (keyboards) and the lovely Ashley Dzerigian (bass) who btw was so kind to take a photo with my camera of the setlist during the stage rebuilding. In no time FILTER got the audience rocking. And despite the fact that the show was not sold-out, Richard and his band mates did everything to raise the roof. Between the songs, Richard addressed to the audience by stating that FILTER is a political band as well. Thus it was no wonder that he, as an American, is not happy with the impression a politician like Donald Trump makes on other countries worldwide. He also dedicated his song ‘Pride’ to the awful tragedy that happened in Orlando not long ago. Personally I appreciate very much his strong attitude against the gun law.


But of course this was not an evening of political demonstration but a concert where we all danced our socks off and enjoyed the energetically show. Richard seemed to enjoy as well to perform and interacted with the audience. And every now and then he did some funny things like taking the phones of some of the fans, who were filming, and filmed now himself from a different angle before he returned the phones, or kneeled down as he saw my little book (for my notes of the concerts) lying on the floor of the stage and turned some pages. The setlist contained a good mixture of old songs as well as some of the new album. I have to say the live version of the latter was very strong by adding some more noises to them. Another nice event on that evening was the short celebration of the birthday of the drummer. One of the stage hands handed over a cake and we all sang him a birthday song before the show went on. Apparently ‘Take a picture’ is another favourite old song as everyone was singing along with FILTER.


The whole concert was so energetic and diverting that time flew by. Unfortunately there was only one encore. After the show the fans had the chance to meet at least some of the band members though it surely would have been nice if Richard Patrick himself had shown up, regarding the fact that it was a club concert and he didn’t have to deal with such a huge crowd. /

01. The take
02. The city of blinding riots
03. Trip like I do
04. You walk away
05. Head of fire
06. Kid blue from the short bus, drunk bunk
07. Jurassitol
08. Your bullets
09. Pride flag
10. Nothing in my hands
11. Welcome to the suck
12. Take a picture
13. Take me to heaven
14. Mother E
15. Welcome to the fold
16. ???
17. Hey man nice shot

Music: 10
Performance: 10
Sound: 9
Light: 6
Total: 8.5 / 10


All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( /

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