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Interview with

Richard Patrick (vocals) of Filter

With the recently released ‘The Trouble With Angels’ FILTER have released some of the hardest and most heavy material for a long time and reviews have gotten generally positive with the new set of tracks. We embraced the opportunity and asked band head Richard Patrick a couple questions.

Reflections of Darkness (RoD): Prior to the new album’s release you signed with Nuclear Blast for Europe. How did that come about?
Richard: Our US label had done business with Nuclear Blast before. We played them the record, they loved the new album and we were able to make a deal very quickly.

RoD: The album’s titled ‘The Trouble with Angels’. What’s the background for giving it that name to it?
Richard: Just that not all religion is good.

RoD: Is there any sort of concept to the album, connecting the respective songs?
Richard: The theme of the album is basically life is complicated

RoD: The album’s a lot heavier than ‘Anthems for the Damned’. Was it a deliberate decision to sort of take the sound back into a harder direction?
Richard: Yes. We toured the world for Anthems and realized our fans wanted the heavy, so we decided to construct our songs in that direction.

RoD: How’s the feedback been to the album so far? Are you satisfied with what came back?
Richard: Very satisfied. I love this record.

RoD: Why did you opt for releasing ‘The Inevitable Relapse’ as a free download on your website? Is the traditional way of releasing a single physically still a means of choice for you or do you consider this format dead?
Richard: Just wanted to give the fans a taste of what was to come. It had been a while since we released a new song.

RoD: On a related note, where did the inspirations for the lyrics to that track come from? It sounds like it’s about some heavily doing drugs and enjoying that a lot
Richard: The song is a reflection of the way my life used to be.

RoD: Who came up with the idea of releasing the studio updates chronicling the progress of the album?
Richard: My manager and I.

RoD: ‘Fades like a Photograph’ somewhat feels like a eulogy to a dear person and I was wondering what the song was inspired by?
Richard: The song was written as the end title credit for the movie 2012.

RoD: Are you planning to tour the album?
Richard: Yes… Tour the world…


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