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Jeff Fabbs (drums) of In This Moment

IN THIS MOMENT has become one of the hottest Metalcore bands since their debut, ‘Beautiful Tragedy’, set out in 2005. Featuring an outspoken front woman, the idea of “females and metal” was once again turned on its head as Maria Brink set a new standard for singers and growlstesses alike. Behind her vicious attitude is a line up of very talented musicians, one of them being the one-and-only Jeff Fabb who was kind enough to share some information on their latest album set for release in July. Compared to everything else, ‘A Star-crossed Wasteland’ redefines everything that IN THIS MOMENT has done so far…

Reflections of Darkness (RoD): Hey guys. First of all, congratulations on the new album coming out in mid-July. It sounds like you've outdone yourselves again!
Jeff Fabb (JF): Thank you so much, we are really excited!

RoD: Since we've made it onto album 3, has the writing and recording process become easier or harder since your first release?
JF: Well, like we've said before, there are years to write the first record. There is time to scrutinize every detail and learn the songs as a band. Then, when we recorded the second album the time line was like 2 months! The time seems to be getting shorter and shorter for the recording process. We just adapt and make it happen!

RoD: From the looks of it things have gotten heavy again; Maria's screaming a lot more like she was on the first album. Why the sudden fallback to the formula of the first album?
JF: I wouldn't call it a fallback, rather a culmination of the first two records. We love the heavy and the melodic and we wanted to bring the heaviness back into this record.

RoD: As usual you guys like to keep the fans guessing and give something new with each effort. There are guest vocals, piano, and a whole slew of melodies on ‘…Wasteland’ that were not on ‘Dream’ or ‘Beautiful Tragedy’. Care to share your thoughts on why you felt this album was the right time for them?
JF: It just happened that was. The song ‘The Promise’ was planned with male vocals, but the others that Chris sings on were spar of the moment too. Chris sounds killer too! I think it brings a different dynamic to the band.

RoD: The song writing process has always been very personal for IN THIS MOMENT. Any particular tracks that deserve special merit for the fans and readers to know the story behind them?
JF: Yeah, the ‘Gunshow’. We even asked fans to show up for the video, we wanted to get there faces in there, show them rocking out with us!

RoD: Maria's voice sounds better than ever when she's screaming or singing. Would she mind sharing some of her vocal preservation tips for all those novice screamers out there?
JF: That's top secret information. If I told you, I would have to kill you! haha.

RoD: A few years back, IN THIS MOMENT was featured as one of the 'hottest chicks in metal bands' on Revolver. During that article there was a statement made about how the band wanted to see women in metal evolve and progress from being seen as sex objects on stage to just fantastic performers. It has been two years later and do you think that that evolution has begun?
JF: There have been women in metal for years and I believe the evolution had already begun. Each year it progresses rather then regresses. It’s happening as we speak.

RoD: Any new goals for the future of women in metal or rock that the band would like to see?
JF: Just be yourself and come up with your own style. Don't bite!

RoD: Adrian Patrick of OTHERWISE lends his vocals on the track ‘The Promise’. Why did you choose him to co-vocal?
JF: We had someone in mind to sing on ‘The Promise’. Adrian was asked by Kevin Churko to demo the male voice He sounded really great so we kept it.

RoD: Guitarist Chris does some vocal work as well, and that's something the fans haven't really seen before either. Since he's pretty good at what segments he lays down, do you think he'll stay as co-vocalist for the band's future work?
JF: I think, Chris' voice adds a different dynamic to the music. We like it and we'll see what the future brings.

RoD: Let's talk about touring for a little. There must be one coming up or going on as we speak... or if I'm really out of if, just passed! Any idea of who will be the fellow music partners in crime to share the stage?
JF: Well, we are getting ready to leave for Mayhem Festival. KORN, ROB ZOMBIE, LAMB OF GOD, and CHIMAIRA are some of the bands on the tour. We are stoked!

RoD: Do you find the ropes of touring easier to handle now that you're a “seasoned band” or more difficult?
JF: It all depends on what’s going on. Touring in a bus is certainly easier to handle than a van. It’s all relative. We have our good days and bad days.

RoD: Any particular place you'd like to return to or go to put on a show?
JF: Well, for me it would have to be Madison Square Garden! I'm from New York and that was ‘a dream come true.’

RoD: Obviously at these tours the fans are the heart of it all. What's the craziest thing a fan has done to / for the band, nice or naughty?
JF: Man, we have some die-hard fans. I think the craziest thing they do is tattoo our autographs on their bodies, that's awesome!

RoD: The world of metal music has changed a lot. Do you think it has gotten more diverse or a bit generic?
JF: I think a bit of both really. That’s how it is though. Bands influence the kids, who start the bands, who sound like their influences. That’s been happening for years. I think that is a process that has to happen in order for something new to come out.

RoD: Are there any recent acts that have come out in the last two years that you really admire and think will take metal to new heights?
JF: Honestly, the last metal band that I think brought metal to new heights was MESHUGGAH. I really have not been floored like that since.

RoD: Where would IN THIS MOMENT consider themselves on the map at this point? In the beginning it was Metalcore, with the second album more melodic metal. Now we've fallen somewhere in between with Wasteland...
JF: If we are labelling ourselves which I hate, I guess we could be tagged as Metal / Rock / Metal. There aren’t any Metalcore breakdowns on the new record. Instead there are just a lot of heavy grooves.

RoD: CDs are almost gone with the rage of I-tunes and downloading. Will IN THIS MOMENT go fully digital anytime soon or continue to keep hammering out the discs and plastic? Do you see any advantage to being digital versus compact disc?
JF: We are entering a new age for music. We will just adapt to what is happening, the important thing is to get the music to the people, whatever method is the most effective!

RoD: It is understandable that the group is just as normal as any other person walking the street and that rock star fame can really be the hubris of the soul. How do you guys stay in touch with reality and keep yourselves grounded when not involved with your music?
JF: Well, I work on a fishing boat when I'm off tour. If that's not staying in touch with reality, I don’t know what is!

RoD: Again, thanks again for sharing all the information about the new album. Personally I've been a fan since the release of album 1 and ‘…Wasteland’ sounds like the perfect bridge between the last two. Looking forward to seeing you guys on the road and what magic you'll come up with for album 4!
JF: Thanks again! We are looking forward to rocking this new record for everyone!


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