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rabiasorda animalessalvajes
Artist: Rabia Sorda
Title: Animales Salvajes
Genre: Electro Rock
Release Date: 28th November 2014
Label: Out of Line

Single Review

Those who visit festivals frequently already know RABIA SORDA. It’s the side project of HOCICO singer Erk Aicrag, founded in 2003 and bringing out aggressive and thoughtful songs about life and feelings. Yes, Erk is overly creative. If he wouldn’t be, he wouldn’t write so many different songs and won’t be making music with two bands. There wouldn’t be changing live concepts and always little gifts for his fans. May it be a special edition or just a short video of him talking to his fans.

Boom! Listening to the first track of ‘Animales Salvajes’, called ‘Obey me!’, just made one thing come to my mind: “Hello Rabia Sorda, where have you been so long?” My second thought was “Oh my God, I need to see them live again. Now. NOW!” The first track caught me, really. And whoever has seen Erk, Jeans, Marcus and Grigory live, knows what I’m talking about. This band is pure energy and so is the opening song for ‘Animales Salvajes’. After being set in the mood to dance, rage, jump around the song ‘Die in Berlin’ makes you want to go on jumping around and freak out. It’s catchy as usual and has this typical RABIA SORDA sound consisting of Erk’s voice singing and screaming, a catchy chorus, guitars and a few synths. A perfect song to put on if you need to clean your whole house on one day, if your family is getting on your nerves with a trip to the shopping mall on a Saturday afternoon or if you just want to celebrate.

Those who love catchy guitar riffs, will definitely enjoy ‘We’re here to win’ which has a super earworm-like chorus and those tiny little beeps and synth sounds, I like. Hard vocals meet with a chorus you will shout for the rest of the day. ‘I’m Tragedy’ starts a little slower and more electronic than the songs before but after a few seconds it turns into one of those more emotional RABIA SORDA tracks. And by emotional, I don’t mean slow or cheesy. Just RABIA SORDA emotional with more electronic sounds and a little slower than the rest of their songs. It’s my personal favourite track, maybe cause I can identify a lot with Erk screaming ‘I’m tragedy’ as my life has been a lot like that the past months. This song is definitely worth listening and in my eyes it will turn out great if they’d perform it live. Even slower is the title track ‘Animales Salvajes’ and in Spanish language.

Yes, I don’t understand a single word in Spanish. Still. I speak four different languages but not Spanish, so I can only tell you what impression the song made to me apart from the lyrics. ‘Spooky’ would be the right word, I think. On top this CD brings three remixes of ‘Die in Berlin’ with it. I’m not a huge remix fan and even in this case, none could convince me or would make me say “better than the original track”. To keep a long story short - ‘Animales Salvajes’ is a perfect winter soundtrack. It either leaves you in this melancholic mood or helps you to freak out and dance when all the other people just sit with a cup of tea in front of their television.


01. Obey Me! (Promises of Monsters)
02. Die in Berlin
03. We’re Here to Win
04. I’m Tragedy
05. Animales Salvajes
06. Die in Berlin (remixed by Unzyme)
07. Die in Berlin (remixed by Hardwire)
08. Die in Berlin (remixed by Larva)


Erk Aicrag - Music, Lyrics & Telepathic Communications
Jeans - Drums
Marcus Engel - Guitars, Keys, Percussions
Grigory Feil - Guitars, Keys, Percussions

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rabiasorda animalessalvajes


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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