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sleepless decision
Artist: Sleepless
Title: Decision
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 31st October 2012
Label CRL Studios/ Aphotic Audio

EP Review

SLEEPLESS is an idea come true born inside the brains of Aaron Potter whom you might know is one half of the Australian electronic duo EMPTY that spawned us some pretty engaging music already and most likely will continue to do so in the near future I hope. Taking the solo tour, Aaron opts for a different and to a certain extend more accessible type of music. I'm not sure if the term “Hellectro” is an apt description of the sound. It's giving you a hint on what you might expect, though. I've got to get back to EMPTY once more because there's this strong visual component dwelling in the SLEEPLESS material. You can almost see the picture shaping layer by layer upon the opening 'An Introduction', breaking down on you with haunting grace and glitch break inflicted beat work.

It's more of a lead-in for the club-focused 'Augmented' that should establish the track as a regular guest on a DJs playlist. I'm wondering if 'All Exits Are Open' wasn't initially intended for another project. Except for the lack of some layering it*'s pretty much in the same vein as 'The Centre' or 'Forgotten Dreams'. Most of the time the music emits off the nexus of those two pillars. I would wish for Aaron to musically get a bigger distance between the SLEEPLESS and the EMPTY sound to sharpen his project's musical profile. Except for that it's an accomplished work that easily beats what's on the so called “Hellectro” market these days.


01. An Introduction - 2:30
02. Augmented - 5:55
03. All Exits Are Open - 4:54
04. I Waited - 4:56
05. The End - 4:32


Aaron Potter


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sleepless decision


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 8 / 10

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