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phillipboa loyalty
Artist: Phillip Boa and the Voodooclub
Title: Loyalty
Genre: Indie
Release Date: 10th August 2012
Label: Cargo Records

Album Review

A dog is crowning the front cover of the latest addition to the long discography of PHILLIP BOA AND THE VOODOOCLUB, named 'Loyalty'. It is the only time lately where you get the message straight just by looking at it. The fans, whether or not this was intentional in any way, received a reward with some of the best material of their beloved “Asshole” yet. It's all starting with the 'Black Symphony' that if it was a human being would be described as an odd guy with the heart on the right spot: anthemic, creaking you name it it's all there. Following 'Want' grabs you right by the collar and throws you onto the dance floor. It's strange but I'm getting pictures of a sing-a-long on live shows. If anyone else would've done a song like 'Earnest 2', they'd call it synth pop with a glimmer of rock. In case of Boa this must be put in context with early pioneers of a similar sound like JOY DIVISION. The title track is a pop song by the book if it weren't for the witty lyrical content.

Melancholia is getting an even more prominent seat on 'Til the day we are both forgotten' that culminates in a beautiful duet chorus. As simple as Boa puts it, it is definitely not always ‘Sunny when it rains’ in the heart of a man. Doesn't make the song less of a treat to listen to, all-encompassed by longing melodies and alternating between vivid drum excursions and simple electronic companionship. Whatever crosses your mind when reading 'Under a Bombay moon soon', you should keep in mind where that sentence is coming from. Besides that, it's one of the more gripping songs on the album, blending subtly percussion and melody with an explosive rock section. Sure it is a bit obscure, however 'Lobster in the fog' is my personal favourite on 'Loyalty'. The percussion crescendo is second to none with its verve and punch, and I'm a fan of lyrics that keep me guessing. We're wrapping up things with 'Dream on planet cherry', introduced by an electronic club beat and building towards a toe-tapping adventure.


01. Black Symphony - 5:11
02. Want - 3:14
03. Ernest 2 - 3:57
04. Loyalty - 4:02
05. Til the day we are both forgotten - 4:05
06. Sunny when it rains - 4:48
07. My name is lemon - 3:52
08. Under a Bombay moon soon - 5:11
09. Lobster in the fog - 5:05
10. You are beautiful and strange - 3:45
11. Dream on planet cherry - 2:59
12. When the wall of voodoo breaks - 6:09


Phillip Boa – Vocals, Guitar
Pia Lund – Vocals
Maik T. – Bass
Moses Pellberg – Drums
Toett - Keyboards, Percussion
Oliver Klemm – Guitar

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phillipboa loyalty


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 9 / 10

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