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thyx thewayhome
Artist: THYX
Title: The Way Home
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 22nd May 2012
Label Dreamweb Music

Album Review

THYX is supposed to be the electronic experimental playground for ideas that wouldn't fit the concept of MIND.IN.A-BOX - under the guidance of Stefan Poiss these ideas and bytes have been piling up so that an album of 11 tracks could come out of it which we are now going to check out.

The opening of the album 'Spoil' kicks it all off with slightly distorted percussion before angelic textures descend from above and a danceable beat kicks in. Contrary to what the idea might have been, I think this is a song that had fit the first MIAB album perfectly, the only difference being the refined vocal delivery Stefan wasn't ready or able to deliver back then. 'My Own Little World' is as the title might suggest a very introspective journey and for quite some time neglects using a steady beat rather delving in dreamscapes of burning melancholy with a chorus that is ingenious by the way. The title track offers a solid dance track lacking most of the intensity for most of its duration until it takes a turn in the last chapter all of a sudden. 'Black Hole' is steeped in mid-tempo dim with a piano occasionally shimmering through the haze.

'Snow In July' brings cold washes arriving at an orphaned beach. While the composition is a refined one surely, it's the vocals that draw and keep your attention. Without them it would be nothing at all. 'Into The Realm' is a broken digital odyssey of a mind in suspension for as long as it can remember, between worlds so colourful and yet so dark that no one would ever be able to comprehend. The closing track 'Crack It' is a lot about playing with all kinds of possibilities to alter sound, to have it bend to your will, so enjoy it while it lasts. Even if you've got to say that it lacks a bit of a cohesion altogether, one cannot get around to admit this is a good collection of songs. I'd like to see something like a golden thread in the next one, if anything like that is planned.


01. Spoil - 4:49
02. My Own Little World - 4:30
03. The Way Home - 7:24
4. Underdive - 4:50
05. Black Hole - 4:31
06. Awesome - 3:20
07. Snow In July - 4:14
08. In the Past - 4:18
09. Into the Realm - 4:18
10. No Voices - 5:38
11. Crack It - 4:25



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thyx thewayhome


Music: 7
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 8 / 10

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