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aestheticperfection thedarkhalf
Artist: Aesthetic Perfection
Title: The Dark Half
Genre: Aggrotech, Industrial, Future Pop
Release Date: 23rd August 2013
Label: Out Of Line

Single Review

AESTHETIC PERFECTION is an American Electronic project which is founded by Daniel Graves in 2000. For his live shows he has David Dutton on the keyboard (in Europe Elliot Berlin) and Tim van Horn on the drums as support. Before he was supporting act for COMBICHRIST on their “Demons on tour” tour in the USA and Europe, AESTHETIC PERFECTION was more an insider’s tip for the friends of Aggrotech/ Industrial sound.

In the tried and tested way ‘The Dark Half’ is partly sung partly screamed. The driving beat and melody invites you to dance and thus the song is perfect for the dance floors at Gothic Industrial parties. On the SUICIDE COMMANDO remix Johan van Roy put unmistakably his mark on the song while the Daimon remix shows up in a bit more playful way and slows the tempo down with a female voice in the background. More in Pop style is then the Bites remix with some allusions to the sound of DEPECHE MODE, MESH and the like but with an Industrial crescendo just in a way to prevent the song from being too soft and nice. With the BlakOpz remix you are strongly reminded of the VNV NATION style.

B - side of the EP is ‘Dead Ringer’. It’s nice to dance to for sure but regarding style and composition, you have heard it already on his former albums. If you haven’t made your pre-order for the physical EP edition you can also buy the songs on Amazon as download versions.


01. The Dark Half
02. The Dark Half (Suicide Commando remix)
03. The Dark Half (Daimon remix)
04. The Dark Half (Bites remix)
05. The Dark Half (BlakOpz remix)
06. Dead Ringer


Daniel Graves

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aestheticperfection thedarkhalf


Music: 8
Sound: 9
Total: 8.5 / 10

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