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Artist: Aesthetic Perfection
Title: ‘Til Death
Genre: Aggrotech, Industrial, Futurepop
Release Date: 14th February 2014
Label: Metropolis Records (Soulfood)

Album review

AESTHETIC PERFECTION is an American Electronic project which was founded by Daniel Graves in 2000. For his live shows he has David Dutton on the keyboard (in Europe Elliot Berlin) and Tim van Horn on the drums as support. Before he was supporting act for COMBICHRIST on their “Demons on tour” tour in the USA and Europe, AESTHETIC PERFECTION was more an insider’s tip for the friends of Aggrotech/ Industrial sound. Releasing every third year a new album seems to be the right interval for Daniel Graves. Between being busy working on new material, posting informative or hilarious stuff on Facebook, AESTHETIC PERFECTION is touring all over the world, performing at concerts, festivals or supporting act.

Usually bands or musicians release one single as a little appetizer for the upcoming album. And in general with this single you get an idea how the album might sound. But in this case AESTHETIC PERFECTION introduced ‘Antibody’ at his concerts in summer 2013, followed by ‘The dark half’ and then ‘Big bad Wolf’. The latter could be listened to and watched on YouTube already as AESTHETIC PERFECTION produced videos for these songs too, before you could buy the EPs as MP3 download version with some interesting remixes as well. All three singles are quite diverse but especially ‘Antibody’ and ‘The dark half’ showed dance floor qualities.

Hardly introduced, some people already criticized Daniel Graves heavily as these singles do not sound like the music from the former albums. Well, thanks God, they do not sound like that. That doesn’t mean that I don’t like his first albums, but usually I have no problems when the new album of a musician/ band sounds differently to the former ones, as long as it’s not a copycat of a music style that is just in fashion, or you have the feeling that the band/ musician that is actually more from the independent scene now tries hard to hit the commercial charts. But back to this album…

With the first song ‘Happily ever after’ it starts very solemn with the sound of a bell and the rhythm is more a funeral march. In contrast to this musical scenery the refrain contains the wedding vows, partly whispered and later screamed. But before we sink into deep depression and question the sense of marriage, ‘Antibody’ wakes us up and invites us to move or dance. The next songs are animating us as well to dance in our rabbit slippers (or whatever you are wearing at home) through our living room. With ‘Showtime’ it is getting more pathetic, starting with the sound of a musical box and slowing a bit down with waltz rhythm. But after swinging soulfully and relaxed ‘Oh Gloria!’ will drag you out of your dreams and bring you back on the dance floor. The beginning of ‘The dark half’ reminds me of the opening sequence of SUICIDE COMMANDO’s single ‘Cause of death’ but then the song develops completely different. Another great song for the dance floors and btw there is a SUICIDE COMMANDO remix of this song on the EP. The album ends with the slow song ‘Lovesick’, leaving us a bit contemplating.

As already known from his former albums Daniel Graves stresses emotions and atmospheres with his diverse vocals: his normal singing voice, then with whispering, hissing as well as his throaty screaming. With the latter you sometimes get the feeling that the evil alter ego of Daniel is singing. Yes, the album is different to the former ones - but yes, it’s brilliant. The album is available as standard version, download version but you can also only download each song of this album.


01. Happily ever after
02. Antibody
03. Lights out (Ready to go)
04. Death rattle
05. Big bad wolf
06. Showtime
07. Oh Gloria!
08. The dark half
09. The new black
10. Lovesick


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Music: 8.5
Sound: 9
Total: 8.75 / 10

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