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devildriver winterkills
Artist: DevilDriver
Title: Winter Kills
Genre: Metalcore
Release Date: 23rd August 2013
Label: Napalm Records

Album Review

DEVILDRIVER were founded in 2002 and play an energetic and grooving mixture of Metalcore and Thrash Metal. They have released six studio albums, the latest one ‘Winter Kills’ is following up works like ‘Beast’ (2011) and ‘Pray For Villains’ (2009). In a steady cycle, DEVILDRIVER release a new album every two years. With ‘Winter Kills’, their most recent effort was released not, as the name would suggest in winter, but rather towards the end of summer. Furthermore, this album is the band’s first release on a label other than Roadrunner Records, namely on Napalm Records. ‘The Oath Of The Abyss’ provides a powerful opener and combines melodic guitar riffs with grooving drums and harsh, characteristic vocals. After a slow intro, ‘Ruthless’ continues in a more aggressive and monotonous way, whereas ‘Desperate Times’ includes small allusions to Thrash Metal and is a very fast and grooving song. Almost catchy and melodic refrains are also a prominent trademark and DEVILDRIVER retain their own style, which they have developed throughout the years.

Yet, the mixture between technical and harmonic elements is probably more refined on ‘Winter Kills’. The title track ‘Winter Kills’ continues in that manner and incorporates an almost epic and remarkable chorus. ‘The Appetite’ starts off with a solo guitar, which veers into a riff-driven, swift track. ‘Gutted’, in contrast, is characterized by frequent use of breakdowns and a ruthless attitude which is only released in a more harmonic refrain. ‘Curses And Epitaphs’ continues in a harsh manner, whereas ‘Caring’s Overkill’ has a very interesting and dark atmosphere. ‘The Hunting Refrains’ further increases this and is again very guitar dominated. ‘Tripping Over Tombstones’ is a very grooving song with an unusual beginning and very forceful riffs. The last track, ‘Sail’, provides a cover song of AWOLNATION, an American Indie Rock band. As a calmer, but still energetic track, female vocals are included as well. Furthermore, the song is adapted to fit to DEVILDRIVER’s style, yet, the original character is not lost. Thus, a conclusive album is finished, which is surely recommendable for every fan of Modern Metal and Metalcore.


01. The Oath Of The Abyss
02. Ruthless
03. Desperate Times
04. Winter Kills
05. The Appetite
06. Gutted
07. Curses And Epitaphs
08. Caring's Overkill
09. Hunting Refrain
10. Tripping Over Tombstones
11. Sail


Dez Fafara - Vocals
Mike Spreitzer - Guitar
Jeff Kendrick - Guitar
John Boecklin - Drums

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devildriver winterkills


Music: 7
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 7.5 / 10

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