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goldenapes kasbekAfter a successful Startnext crowdfunding campaign, the new GOLDEN APES album "KASBEK" will be released on 7th of June by Aenaos Records. "KASBEK" sets a new landmark in their 20th year of existence; yet the band still achieves to defy definition and slip away from the grid of specific genre characteristics.

"KASBEK" is the essence of GOLDEN APES' last two years and at the same time an analysis of their history without sounding retrospective or backward-looking - quite the contrary. Songs like "Oblivion", "Vento", "Sleep" or the enchanting "Dust & Dew" (a duet with Canadian Shannon Hemmett, vocalist of bands Leathers and Actors) are acoustic derivatives that own everything that GOLDEN APES' sound is made of, but remain unique in their own right: they are being further, more resolute, deeper, soaked with that unique aesthetic and subtle grandeur.

Anthemic, dark, elegiac, disturbing, and yet somehow soothing - "KASBEK" is a lot of things but mainly it's a statement of a band which made itself a present and gifted us in the end.

01. Oblivion
02. Vento
03. Kasbek
04. Deliverance*
05. Voykova [The Healing]
06. Clouds' Silver Lining*
07. Dust And Dew (featuring Shannon Hemmett)
08. Sleep
09. Interference*
10. Morbus Me
11. Home*
12. Parting
*only on the CD and download edition

KASBEK was written and recorded during 2018 in The House Of Zarathustra.The album was mixed by Thommy Hein & Peer Lebrecht and mastered by Thommy Hein in the Thommy Hein Tonstudios und Musikproduktion Berlin.The production costs of KASBEK were partly supported by a successful crowdfunding campaign.The album is released by Aenaos Records and available as CD, digital download and a limited vinyl edition, distributed by Altone Distribution.

Peer Lebrecht ~ Words, Vocals, Keyboards, Arrangements
Christian Lebrecht ~ Bass
Aris Zarakas ~ Guitars, Programmings
Gunter Buechau ~ Additional Keyboards

Tour dates 2019
07.06. Leipzig (GER) – Wave Gotik Treffen
22.06. Hannover (GER) – Bruit de la Cave Festival
12.07. Tampere (FIN) - Lumous Festival
20.07. Nienborg (GER) – Moonlight Musiknacht
24.08. Berlin (GER) – Lido
13.09. Hamburg (GER)- MS-Stubnitz
28.11. Oberhausen (GER) – Kulttempel
30.11. Leipzig (GER) – Grey Days Festival

Source: Press Release

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