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jyrki69 whiterabbitJYRKI 69, best known as the leader of the Finnish Band THE 69 EYES, made the best of the long waiting time until the music world turns back to normal and kept himself busy with releasing new music with THE 69 CATS and working on his second solo album. The first single will be released next week, so make sure to check the social media and your favourite streaming service. To make the wait for the new album a bit more bearable, Cleopatra Records releases a limited edition single on vinyl with a unique splatter design, that is ready for pre-order:

SIDE A: White Rabbit
Jyrki 69 Feat. Steve Stevens
Produced & Mixed by Jürgen Engler / Die Krupps
SIDE B: Dreamtime
Jyrki 69 Feat. Rosetta Stone
Produced & Mixed by Porl King / Rosetta Stone


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