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depechemode mementomoriTo shorten the wait for the album release of ‘Memento Mori’, which will be released on March 24th via Columbia Records, DEPECHE MODE today release the second track ‘My Cosmos Is Mine’. ‘Memento Mori’ marks DEPECHE MODE’s 15th studio album overall, while Gahan and Gore present the first long-player in a two-piece line-up after the tragic death of band co-founder Andrew “Fletch” Fletcher in 2022.

Produced by James Ford with support from Marta Salogni, ‘Memento Mori’ matured during the early stages of the global Covid pandemic; a period that also had a thematic impact on the songs. The album’s 12 tracks bridge a variety of moods and musicals textures - from the menacing opener to the resolution at the end, the emotional spectrum spans from paranoia and obsession to psychological release and joy and countless emotional overtones.

‘My Cosmos Is Mine’ can be heard here:

Here is the full tracklist of "Memento Mori":
01. My Cosmos Is Mine
02. Wagging Tongue
03. Ghosts Again
04. Don’t Say You Love Me
05. My Favourite Stranger
06. Soul With Me
07. Caroline’s Monkey
08. Before We Drown
09. People Are Good
10. Always You
11. Never Let Me Go
12. Speak To Me

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