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alisa fox freedom11
Artist: Alisa Fox
Title: Freedom, video clip
Date: 24th March 2023
Genre: EBM / Electro / Techno / Future Pop / Dark Electro/ Electro Clash

On 24th of March, ALISA FOX, a musician from Berlin, Germany released the debut video ‘Freedom’. This girl is not a newcomer to music, she is an academic violinist and is used to playing drums for a few Rock bands on tour with them worldwide. However, this is the first step in personal art. Dark Electro scene in Europe is quite rich, and it’s always a risk to start when truly masters exist behind. But creative persistence is one of the main engines of success.

‘Freedom’ is a well-directed provocative video with an interesting plot. It describes the important problems of the society today: prejudice, disapproval, homophobia. And it shows that freedom is possible if you are ready for it. This sexy video and lively rhythms plunge the listener into another world - the one where you have the right to be yourself. However, not only the visual component is important here. Sure, it reveals the struggle of the individual with stereotypes. But the music itself is also a real protest. There is a naked truth in it, a call to boldness and contagious expression.

Art is now controlled by censorship. A lot of the musicians try to please their listeners and society. Little by little, we forget what personal opinion is, and that the art should lead to catharsis through challenging. That video is a blast of fresh air. Because it’s a real luxury to be yourself, struggling with people’s expectations and their thoughts on how other people should live. The things that ALISA FOX showed in ‘Freedom’ may seem vulgar, but the author's self-expression.

Alisa Fox:

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