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getwellsoon vexations16Almost exactly seven years ago 'Vexations', the second album of GET WELL SOON, was released. It is the most opulent release of Konstantin Gropper to date and it already has been performed several times with a grand ensemble, a strings- and brass-section. So it kind of makes sense that the Nationaltheater Mannheim and Jan Dvorak, chief-dramaturg of the opera, chose this album to open their concert-series 'The Mannheim Concerts'. The idea: a full pop-album performed by a symphony-orchestra "only". After long and very thorough arrangement-work by Peter Häublein and Roman Vinuesa, a version of 'Vexations' for orchestra and voice.

On the 23rd 2016 the opus premiered at the opera of the Nationaltheater Mannheim. It was conducted by Matthew Toogood in front of a full house and with great success. Now, with 'Vexations 16' a recording of this evening is being released as a live-album. The album can be purchased as digital downloaded exclusively from the 9th December 2016 until 1st of January 2017 at

100% of the profit will be donated to the children-aid-organisation SAVE THE CHILDREN (

About 'Vexations 16'

On the dangerous, almost exclusively awful grounds of Pop-Classical-Crossover one must move
only with the utmost caution. The idea "Orchestra replacing band" instead of "Orchestra plus band" is at least a bit fresher, but not less risky. But hey, we love risk!

'Vexations' could be described as the "classical album" by GET WELL SOON. It lives of many recourses and references to the european cultural history and art-music from Pergolesi to Satie. Therefore the realization with exclusively classical instrumentation is not only very possible but in a way logical.The originally rather chamber-music material unfolds with the arrangements by Peter Häublein and Roman Vinuesa into a atmospheric, cinematic musical tableau. The songs are enriched with extensive sound-colour-plays and impressionist excursions and opulently orchestrated. In a several months long work a well over 200 pages score was developed which explores all the nuances of the orchestral body of sound.

We may say: mission accomplished!

We succesfully avoided the Chamber of Horrors of Night-of-the-Proms-dreadfulness. With our Indie-Schmindie-integrity we won’t tell how good it actually turned out - we don’t want to impose it on you. So: you’ll be the judge! Oh come on, what the heck: It turned out amazing! And the whole thing is for a good cause. You can’t lose! Buy! Buy!

Give yourself and your loved-ones VEXATIONS16 for christmas! 100% of the profit will be donated
to SAVE THE CHILDREN and their very important international work for underprivileged kids. Finally something meaningful!

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