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genghar tour2019 2020Blue Shell, Cologne, Germany
26th February 2020

In January, the new album ‘Sanctuary’ of GENGAHR will be released. It’s more ambitious and more in love with the sound than the previous albums ‘A Dream Outside’ and ‘Where Wildness Grows’ of the quartet from the North of London. Largely, this is the result of hiring Jack Steadman of BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB as producer. They are friends since teenage times. Steadman turned out to be a stroke of luck. He realized the strengths of GENGAHR and managed to improve the complex sound of the convinced DIY musicians by creating that decisive, symphonic spark and so let the sound shine more than ever before. The epic sound space of the first two albums is still there, but is now more concentrated and sharper outlined.

You can hear it, and you can feel it right from the start with the first single ‘Atlas Please’, that was originally recorded with old equipment at the parent’s house of Steadman. In the beginning, it was just playing around with options, but then it became more concrete what the sound of the new album may be. Because Steadman also was busy with the comeback album of his own band, they had to go fast now. GENGAHR showered him with tracks, riffs, ideas of songs and sounds. Main songwriter Felix Bushe alone had about 60 songs in his pocket. The producer filtered the material and let the guys do their thing. During sessions, their musical idea was created fast, and Steadman just had to put the icing on the cake of songs. ‘Sanctuary’ is full of GANGAHR’s cineaste abundance, but reaches far beyond the first album. The Englishmen are on their way to something great. Come to German clubs to convince yourself!

Additional Concert Info
Doors: 20:00
Start: 21:00
Tickets: are available for 18.30€ plus charges (pre-sale) via Eventim

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