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everlast thelifeacoustic
Artist: Everlast
Album: The Life Acoustic
Genre: Acoustic (Rock/ Hip-Hop/ Blues)
Release Date: 30th August 2013
Label: Long Branch Records / SPV

Album Review

Erik Schrody, aka EVERLAST, was best known for his successful work with HOUSE OF PAIN. In 1998, he shocked the music world with his first solo effort, ‘Whitey Ford Sings The Blues’. The album was Blues, Folk, Country and Rap inspired and demonstrated perfectly his vocal and musical abilities. Songs like ‘What it’s like’ and ‘Ends’ became worldwide hits and made EVERLAST to one of the most successful and widely recognised artists of the scene. He successfully worked with world stars like SANTANA with whom he recorded the single ‘Put your Lights on’, receiving a Grammy award. Now, EVERLAST comes up with a new album, a totally acoustic one, aptly named ‘The Life Acoustic’, grasping twelve titles in total. Besides the HOUSE OF PAIN classic ‘Jump Around’, the album contains also versions of the radio hits ‘Today’ and ‘Black Jesus’.

The album is not a live album recorded at the latest acoustic tour, instead it shows EVERLAST’s world, or life, in an acoustic outfit. So, you should take the title of the album in the best sense of words. From all albums of his solo career songs can be found on this acoustic release, being freshly recorded in stripped down versions, mainly by use of acoustic guitar. By this reduced instrumentation, the voice grasps you even more. When you have a look at the tracklist you will recognise that EVERLAST is not presenting his biggest successes, like already mentioned ‘What it’s like’ or also ‘Put your Lights on’. Instead, the album presents some lesser known, nut nevertheless fantastic songs, like ‘Stone in my hand’ or ‘Today’. Biggest treat on the album is surely ‘Jump Around?’, having nothing in common anymore with the original Hip-Hop version.

To sum this album up, it surely is fantastic, but probably only something for the biggest EVERLAST fans since it spares out the biggest hits. But whoever had seen EVERLAST during his acoustic tour – like the RoD cred during Devilside Festival – will be bewitched by his great voice and will love this album.


01. Sad Girl
02. Black Jesus
03. Today
04. Broken
05. Stone In My Hand
06. Weakness
07. Children's Story
08. Stay
09. My Medicine
10. Lonely Road
11. Grandma's Hand
12. Jump Around?


Erik Schrody (Everlast)

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everlast thelifeacoustic


Music: 8
Sound: 9
Total: 8.5 / 10

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