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brotherfiretribe diamondinthefirepit
Artist: Brother Firetribe
Title: Diamond in the Firepit
Genre: Melodic Rock
Release Date: 2nd May 2014
Label: Spinefarm Records

Album Review

BROTHER FIRETRIBE released their 3rd full length Album ‘Diamond in the Firepit’ on May the 2nd. They play very melodic and very soft rock. Bands like KISS and MÖTLEY CRÜE sound like Grindcore when you compare it to them. The label Spinefarm Records calls it ear candy, for my ears it is much too sweet, when I want to listen to sweet music I listen to pop songs from the PET SHOP BOYS. Sorry guys I am not able to like this music. To be fair I think fans of ultra-cheesy soft rock may like to party to this, I can`t.


01. Intro
02. Love`s not enough
03. Far away from love
04. For better or for worse
05. Desperately
06. Edge forever
07. Hanging by a thread
08. Trail of Tears
09. Winner takes it all
10. Tired of dreaming
11. Reality Bites
12. Close to the Bone


Vocals - Pekka Ansio Heino
Guitar - Emppu Vuorinen
Bass - Jason Flinck
Keys - Tomppa Nikulainen
Drums - Kalle Tornianen


Cover Picture

brotherfiretribe diamondinthefirepit


Music: 3
Sound: 5
Total: 4 / 10

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