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P60, Amstelveen, The Netherlands
31st March 2007
CombiChrist, Reaper, Northborne

Underground frequncies managed to get CombiChrist back to the Netherlands after his very succesful show last year at Summer Darkness. Eventhough the downtown area where the venue is situated, was struck by a power outage of 3 hours, the bands still managed to get ready for the concert in time. Some 500 people therefore could just enter in time and get ready for this only Dutch show in the European tour of CombiChrist.


I had never heard of this band from Oslo (or so their MySpace site states Frxta, where is it and who knows how to pronounce it?), basically it's Christian Lund who does most of the writing and programming but on stage he is joined by Alexander Coucheron Jarl. Their first album 'Force it' was released on March 9th 2007, so this tour was  an excellent opportunity to get the audience acquinted with their songs.

This music is rather close to the techno music that is popular all over the world. Not that this is wrong, why would it be? The music is open with a lot of dynamics, the music was performed really well, even though it's always hard to know for sure if they are playing live or not. In this case however it seems that there is no room for doubt about that, the band clearly made the music on the spot and the vocals were done live as well. Those present at the venue must have enjoyed the music and for those who didn't know this new band there might be something new on their download wishlist (you bad crimal people!). Entertaining and highly danceable music with plenty of variety, from Norway, from Frxta, where ever that may be.

Well, to do a performance while you are behind a table with your laptop and keyboard isn't really easy. The least you can do is try to get in touch with the audience and that seemed to work out well. Leaning over the table, looking people in the eyes, waving your hands to encourage the crowds, these guys must have been in the house scene in the past. When it comes to light, well it was boring but at least most people got a good enough look at the stage. That there's some good music from Norway was already known but with this band there's yet another rising star at the pitchblack skies of this world.

Music: 9
Performance: 7
Sound: 9
Light: 6
Total: 7


Just imagine: you are at a venue to do your show and the last time you were there no more than 25 people all in all were there. Of course you'd want a rematch and thus Reaper was back at the P60 to seek revenge. With their new album 'Hell starts with an H' released just on February 27th 2007 they had yet another reason to go back on tour.

Vasi Vallis was back with his Reaper and where Northborne was more toward techno he has put some extra agression into his music. Of course you can still hear his background as Techno DJ but the distorted vocals on melody lines made it move towards EBM. A very varied setlist full of songs people already knew of him and some new songs as well. It's clear Reaper is a force to be reconned with and the dancing audience, most of which came for CombiChrist of course, showed his music didn't fall to deaf ears. It's just too bad the volume was rather high at the venue, seeing all those people without ear protection either a lower volume would do better or people should just start wearing earplugs (and so ends the caution notice about loud music).

It was just back in October 2006 when Reaper was playing at the P60 and that concert is one that should just be forgotten. Contrasting the bad performance then, this one was a lot better. Vasi seemed to really enjoy himself on stage, interacting with the audience. Maybe it was because his mask has gone and has been replaced by randomly adding red and black smears to his face. He was running back and forth on stage while he was singing, leaving the music to his companion. During some songs Vasi took control of his keyboard but never lost touch with the people out in the venue. The light was very bright from the back of stage making a highly contrast picture to look at, a little more frontlight would be the last piece of advice for an otherwise nice performance.

Music: 8
Performance: 7
Sound: 6
Light: 6
Total: 7


Andy LaPlegua's highly succesful band CombiChrist is back on tour to promote their 2007 release 'What the Fuck is Wrong with You People' (yes we can and will just write "fuck" if we want to). Looking at the numbers that showed up at today's show the new album has at least consolidated his fanbase in the Netherlands. Get ready to move your butt, the crazy Norwegian is back and compulsory dancing seems to be the only possible solution to survive his concerts.

Not just Andy on stage, no he also had Mr Petersen on keys and he brought two ferocious live drummers on stage as well. These live drums added to the special feel of the live show, Joe Letz was hitting the drums hard and steady while Jon H did the other percussion, hitting no less hard than Joe did on the other side of the stage. Of course Andy was on vocals and even though the distortion was switched on it seemed like it was less present than before. The lyrics were a bit easier to follow this way, not a bad choice if done intentionally, otherwise: consider to keep it that way. With a set full of songs from his latest album as well as his club hits like 'Without Emotions' or 'Rain of Blood' the show had a nice balance between what so many danced at many times before and the new music that was no less dancable. Again the volume was way too loud close to the venue, but it did make you feel the music very well.

With this band you are always sure you will have a sore neck by the end of the night trying to follow him with your eyes. LaPlegua just can't stand still for more than 5 seconds but hardly anybody really cared. The interaction with the audience was very good, he even let somebody from the first row fill in on the singing. This band was here to conquer and to reassure their triumph, and conquering they did. Whether you were tapping your feet of dancing like crazy, hardly anybody had the need to stand still. With the front lights pointed a bit back on stage the silouette of Andy towered high above his CombiChrist Army. Seeking up close and personal contact with his fans, he even took a stage light to shine at the audience, maybe checking if everybody was already dancing. But it wasn't just him, both drummers gave a very powerful and agressive performance leading to tumbling over the drumkit at the end, just after they had finished with the very popular 'This Shit will Fuck you up'. After this it was back to the DJ who must have had a great time after CombiChrist warmed up the audience leaving them with appetite for much more.

00. Intro
01. Rain of Blood
02. This is my Rifle
03. Intruder Alert
04. Electrohead
05. Lying Sack of Shit
06. Without Emotions
07. Red
08. Give Head if you Got It
09. Enjoy the Abuse
10. Like to Thank my Buddies
11. Are you Connected
12. Blut Royale
13. Get your Body Beat
14. Fuck that Shit
15. This Shit will Fuck you Up

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Sound: 8
Light: 7
Total: 9

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