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Artist: Atomic Neon
Title: Change
Genre: Cold Wave / Dark Wave
Release Date: 11th February 2011
Label: Black Rain Records

Album Review

ATOMIC NEON begun its musical life in 2006 in Essen, Germany, since then they’ve released the positively received ‘Darkenia’ LP, preceded by the ‘Life on Earth’ single. Together with the forthcoming album entitled ‘Change’ they are unleashing ‘A Desperate Dream’ single on vinyl upon their fans as well as contributing to several compilations out there (‘Black Snow vol.2’ and ‘Zwischenfall - A New Decade Vol. 1’). Whilst I listen to this album, I am so often reminded of THE CURE. It’s not by the all-engulfing (and beautiful) melancholy of the music, thick, intense and intricate layers of guitars and synths - some marks that typify the Cold Wave genre anyway, but especially by the vocal - it just sounds as if Rio Black was Robert Smith’s son. It brings back to my mind CURE’s ‘Seventeen Seconds’, ‘Faith’ and even ‘Disintegration’ albums but by saying this I don’t mean that they’re just a carbon copy.

‘Change’ starts by a sound resembling a wailing siren, followed by bass line and synths that induce a wave-like feeling, drums usher in the vocal, the rhythm steadies into a mesmerising composition with echoes of the start. This song is entitled as ‘Alien’ and provides an atmospheric and great start to this wonderful album. Second ‘Empty’ contrasts the quiet sadness of the first with energetic burst. The album titled third song is a strong song that becomes quite memorable with its refrain.  Another one that especially stood out to me was ‘Last Light’ with its incorporated violin, its lament and pleading, a song that’s at once beautiful and moving.  It’s definitely easy to keep going on and name and each and every song, all are great compositions with good lyrics, great music that takes you on an emotive journey and introspection. ATOMIC NEON has accomplished an album that has a lot to offer and is an excellent one to add to one’s collection - definitely!


01. Alien – 5.39
02. Empty – 4.54
03. Change – 4.41
04. She – 5.24
05. Welt Ohne Farbe – 5.02
06. BoOom – 3.07
07. My Cry Of Pain – 4.45
08. Weep – 4.20
09. I Hate My Love – 4.36
10. Last Light – 5.16
11. I Am Black – 5.17
12. Without You – 5.52
13. Alone (+ The Hidden Track) – 15.33


Rio Black - vocals and lyrics
Trickser - guitar
Sandy Sun - keyboards
Karol - drums
Meikel X - guitar
Salvina - bass
Ralf Engel - PC

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Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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