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icedearth dystopia
Artist: Iced Earth
Title: Dystopia
Genre: Metal
Release Date: 17th October 2011
Label: Century Media

Album Review

2011 sees the release of a new ICED EARTH album, ‘Dystopia’. And it isn't rocket science to guess that the album deals with dystopian science fiction. The band, around it's head Jon Schaffer, even named two tracks after somewhat popular sci-fi movies, ‘Dark City’ and ‘V’, the latter as in "V for Vendetta", not "V" the alien lizards from outer space, which will eat your bunny rabbits and kids. This time, lyrical content is purveyed by Stu Block, of Canuck prog-metal band INTO ETERNITY. Record label Century Media claims ICED EARTH’s newest slab of silver-lined plastic is "perhaps ICED EARTH's heaviest and most menacing album to date" and also "a soul-searing album not for the faint of heart" (I kid you not). So is it any good, despite what the record label wants one to believe?

‘Dystopia’ starts with the title track of the same name, delivering a dual-harmony opening intended to be somewhat epic, then going full-blast - at least as full-blast as ICED EARTH go - and then full-out metal. Vocals now and then are the exact opposite of guttural vowel movements, but the effect is good. ‘Anthem’, track number two, is a mid-paced track trying to fulfil it's name, however stopping short of the goal. ‘Boiling Point’ picks up the tempo and delivers good drama, which will see ICED EARTH fans spin both heads and hair, especially in a live context. ‘Anguish of Youth’ delivers a typical ICED EARTH track which is set to make people happy, followed by ‘V’, a nice, mid-tempo stomper. ‘Dark City’ is easily the most spiffing track on the platter, ‘Days of Rage’ the most aggressive - thus it's no wonder it is followed by a ballad.

Production-wise, the album delivers punch, albeit while retaining a clear, yet sterile and somewhat clinical sound. However, the latter does somehow match the album's topics. A well-rounded effort, ICED EARTH fans ought to be more than pleased with the band's newest offering.


01. Dystopia - 5:49
02. Anthem - 4:54
03. Boiling Point - 2:47
04. Anguish of Youth - 4:41
05. V - 3:39
06. Dark City - 5:42
07. Equilibrium - 4:31
08. Days of Rage - 2:17
09. End of Innocence - 4:07
10.Tragedy and Triumph - 7:44


Jon Schaffer – Rhythm & Lead Guitar, Vocals
Troy Seele – Lead Guitar
Brent Smedley – Drums
Freddie Vidales – Bass Guitar, Vocals
Stu Block – Lead Vocals

Websites / / www.MySpace/IcedEarth

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icedearth dystopia


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 8 / 10

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