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Artist: Ginger Ninja
Title: Wicked Map
Genre: Indie / Electro Rock / Pop Rock
Release Date: 22nd October 2010
Label: SonyBM

Album Review

‘Wicked Map’ is a debut album from the Danish quartet GINGER NINJA and the compass would show you Electro Pop as its North, Pop Rock as its South, Electro Rock as its rising East and Indie Rock as its declining West, between the grid of all directions runs a strong melodic structure and rhythmic strength.

The LP starts with the North direction and moves fast across the scope. Henrik Hamilton’s voice is pleasant and clean, fitting to the music which is played with ease and is smooth. The wicked surprise is that the music sounds fun and lightweight but the lyrics are nothing but, they can get quite serious. ‘Soldiers’ for example attacks the apathy and numbness in its detached way the narrator/protagonist of the song speaks; the lyrics have surprising twists that add to the song and its thought-provoking content. Musically it’s a wonderful song too; strong composition with a faster tempo, vocals positioned in an agreeable and not jarring higher register, with memorable melody embedding ‘Soldiers’ into memory. ‘Getting There Soon’ is another song that defines the album, great rhythm that will get you moving, percussions cut the mustard nicely, there is a palpable sense of enjoyment of playing each instrument which is infectious. There’s a miniscule of approximately late 80’s pop flashback going on at the back of my mind, a whiff of a pop hit that I can’t just place right now but the composition is tackled originally and soon it sweeps the question out of my mind as unimportant.

The surreal touches, black humour and comments on us, relationships and the world - the questioning of the rotten in the states of us are nudging one to think about it and all the ironic prodding and apt reflections throughout the album are fresh and engaging. The contrast of GINGER NINJA music and their lyrics reminds me of Emma Goldman’s quote “A revolution without dancing is not a revolution worth having.” Well, as the album goes through with its critique and examination of issues you’ll dance indeed or at least take it on a journey with your car; the ‘Wicked Map’ will come in handy yet.


01. Crying Shame – 2.44
02. Sunshine – 3.15
03. Red Lips – 4.21
04. Bone Will Break Metal – 3.56
05. Wet Like a Dog – 3.39
06. You’re Wrong – 3.28
07. Soldiers – 2.58
08. You Can Have It All – 3.22
09. Out of Sight/Out of Mind – 3.39
10. Get There Soon – 3.45
11. The Boy Who Grew Bitter – 5.02


Henrik Hamilton – Vocals & Guitar
Carl Riestra – Bass
Rasmus Søby Andersen – Guitar
Johan Luth – Drums

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Music: 7
Sound: 7
Total: 7 / 10


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