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Tochka Club, Moscow, Russia
11th September 2010
Synthember Wave: Melotron, Iris, Emplosia

On the 11th of September, lots of fans of synth pop were gathering at Tochka club to get their portion of good music and staggering emotions. The fitting atmosphere that day was created by the foreign guest namely IRIS and MELOTRON while the commitment to start the event was laid onto Russian band EMPLOSIA. So we came to the venue just in time when the show was about to begin…


The opening act EMPLOSIA appeared on the stage just in time when the audience was still small but ready to dance and started to gather slowly occupying the hall. EMPLOSIA is a young female duo from Saratov playing electro pop in some way close to CLIENT and LADYTRON. The project consists of girls Darya (vocals) and Julia (keyboards) but this evening they were supported by guitarist Alexey Nova who is known for his cooperation with ROMAN RAIN and NEONIM. /

Music & Performance
The girls themselves describe their style as synth pop with the elements of electro clash so the music suited just great to heat up the people who mostly intended to see guest from GERMANY and the US but despite the fact EMPLOSIA got a warm welcome. The crowd really increased by that time and it seemed that everyone enjoyed the performance. The songs were all quite melodic and meaningful also with danceable rhythm and thoughtful lyrics. The set was rather short, about 30 minutes but after such a good beginning one could easily imagine what show must follow.

01. Waiting’s over
02. Zapretnaya Zona
03. Mne by
04. Undead
05. Terra X
06. Hey ho!

Music: 7
Performance: 7
Sound: 6
Light: 5
Total: 6.6 / 10


So when EMPLOSIA left the stage there was some time for a change-over during which impatient Andrew Sega from IRIS came out from to time to sign a couple of booklets and shake hands with fans. IRIS is an American synth pop formation that released a new and highly expected album entitled ‘Blacklight’ in September and actually visited Moscow within the tour in support of the release. IRIS is Reagan Jones (vocals), Andrew Sega (guitar, keyboards) and Ned Kirby (live bass, keyboards). /

Music & Performance
IRIS was in Russia last time in 2006 participating in the Synthetic Snow Festival pre-party that’s why all fans were so eager to see their favourite band again. So the musicians fully live up the expectations and the show promised to be just amazing. The first person to appear was Andrew Sega followed by live bassist Ned Kirby who is well-known thanks to band STROMKERN where Andrew also participates. And finally there came smiling Reagan Jones who was met with a storm of applause. The set began with the composition from the new album entitled ‘Disintegrate’ and actually mainly new songs were played during the gig but of course the band just could not do without such proven hits as ‘Sentimental Scar’, ‘Lands of Fire’, ‘It Generates’ and ‘Sorrow Expert’. The mellow and pure synthetic melodies were skilfully diluted with expressive guitars and clean, tender vocals that created somewhat fantastic feeling of happiness.

That hour passed so fast that the fans didn’t even realize the main set ended, only when the musicians left the stage and the confused audience. But there was no time to waste and everyone started to scream “Iris! Iris!” until the band came again to play acoustic ‘Annie Would I Lie to You’ off the first album and then stirring ‘Panic Rev’ off the newest one. Afterwards the set was really over and a bit later the musicians appeared in the hall so all the fans could take autographs and photos.

01. Disintegrate
02. The Marianas Depths
03. Lands of Fire
04. Appetite
05. Sorrow Expert
06. Sentimental Scar
07. Closer to Real
08. Fighter
09. It Generates
10. Red Right Return
11. Cruel Silence
12. New Invaders
13. Nobody Wins
14. Annie Would I Lie to You
15. Panic Rev

Music: 10
Performance: 9
Sound: 7
Light: 5
Total: 8.5 / 10


When IRIS were still in the middle of improvised autograph session we had hear the first energetic sounds of MELOTRON, headliner of the event. /

Music & Performance
MELOTRON used to please their Russia fans with regular concerts in our country and actually this show wasn’t a big nevertheless very pleasant surprise to see the band in Synthember Wave II. Well, the set was indeed expected and actually the atmosphere at the venue was explosive so the last act of the evening simply added some fuel and made the crowd scream, dance and sing with great enthusiasm.

First of all, I should notice an exceptional liveliness and tremendous charisma of vocalist Andy Krüger who managed to sing, dance and talk to the audience almost simultaneously. The fans were all captivated by his voice and stage behaviour and the music of course so there was a feeling of general insanity. Edgar Slatnow was replaced by a session keyboard player as for the rest everything was in the best traditions of MELOTRON. Beside old, well-known compositions the band also performed a song from the upcoming album. The main set wasn’t enough and the musicians had to play an encore or even two when after the first one Andy didn’t leave the stage but asked the fans if they wanted more. Surely, they did but then the band left finally and the whole event finished. During the afterparty the musicians came to the hall and communicated with the audience. So it feels like the show still continue but in another way.

01. Intro
02. Brüder
03. Arroganz der Liebe
04. Stuck in the Mirror
05. Welt du bist so still
06. Menschenfresser
07. Wohin
08. Halt mich auf
09. Princess of Russia
10. Kein Problem
11. Lebe ungewöhnlich
12. Love Is Calling
13. Wünsch mich nicht zurück
14. Das Herz
15. Vaterland
16. Kindertraum
17. Wenn wir wollten
18. Der blaue Planet
19. Gib mir alles

Music: 9
Performance: 10
Sound: 6
Light: 6
Total: 8.4 / 10

All pictures by Elena Budanova
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