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sleepingpulse underthesamesky
Artist: Sleeping Pulse
Title: Under The Same Sky
Genre: Alternative Rock / Progressive Rock
Release Date: 31st October 2014
Label: Prophecy Productions

Album Review

SLEEPING PULSE is a new collaboration project of the British singer-songwriter Mick Moss (ANTIMATTER) and the Portuguese musician Luís Fazendeiro (PAINTED BLACK). For this album, Mick Moss solely focused on lyrics and vocal lines, Luís Fazendeiro was responsible for the musical composition. The whole production is topped off with the mixing and mastering contributed by Daniel Cardoso (ANATHEMA). It wouldn’t be an artwork of Mick Moss if the songs were not saturnine and melancholic. He is just not the person to write and interpret happy-go-lucky songs. And for real we don’t want him to be, because creating a comforting atrabilious atmosphere is what he is doing best.

The opener, ‘Parasite‘, started spherical with a woman whispering before, after some heartbeats, the piano sets in and Mick states with some bitterness in his voice that a parasite needs a host. The song ends with a culmination where the anger is underlined with a crescendo of guitars and drums. The third song ‘Backfire’ is more serene underlined with some subtle string arrangements in the contemplative parts and powerful guitar chords in the refrain parts. After the intro you hear applause at ‘The puppeteer‘ before the song then unfolds its story. ‘Noose‘ starts with an electric guitar first still but soon swelling, accompanied by the constituting drums and here we have a real powerful up-tempo Rock song. For the final song the motif of the heartbeat from the first song, is picked up on the contemplative ending of the album but leaves you with a feeling that you want to start to listen to the whole album again.

It was surely a good thing that both musicians agreed to do the division of labour so that each one could focus on his part. And so Mick unfolds his expressions in his singing from bitterness, frustration, anger, cynical, despair and sadness while Luís created melodies and arrangements like sombre paintings. Apart from the lyrics and the wonderful expressive vocals the music itself is really so clever composed and arranged that it underlines perfectly the mood of the lyrics. Sometimes more acoustic and quiet, sometimes spherical and then again powerful. This is not an album you fall in love at first sight. You surely like it in the beginning for the catchy melodies and the sombre and intense vocals of Mick Moss but its melancholic beauty unfolds with every further listening.

If you are a lover of music from bands like ANATHEMA, ANTIMATTER and the like, you will surely appreciate this album. The album is available as standard version, download version but you can also only download each song of this album.


01. Parasite
02. Gagging order
03. Backfire
04. The puppeteer
05. Foreign body
06. The blind lead the blind
07. Painted rust
08. Noose
09. War
10. Under the same sky


Mick Moss (Antimatter)
Luís Fazendeiro (Painted Black)

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sleepingpulse underthesamesky


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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