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Title: Silver
Artist: Solemn Novena
Genre: Gothic Rock
Release Date: 2009
Label: Self-Release

Album Review

Belfast's own saviours of Gothic Rock are back with a new album soon, but first here is a taster in the form of independent single 'Silver'. The great thing about these three is that they know all the Gothic clichés, and they love them, and that's why since 2006 they have been one of the most respectable Gothic Rock bands on the planet since the original FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM line-up broke apart.

This brief offering has everything we expect: deep and ethereal vocals battling it out, hard and repetitive drum machine, lots of delay on the guitars, and plenty of reverb on the vocals (I can practically taste the dry ice in the air!). Best of all, the production on the tracks are impeccable. As a single, the three tracks clock in at just over 10 minutes, and any one of the tracks could be the lead. Usually a band might put on the typical B-side + one more from the album combination, but each track feels like it could take the helm just as well as the others.

The title track 'Silver' is a fast and hard four minute, bordering on hard rock track that plays up to all the strengths of the bands arsenal - the vocals harmonise well throughout, the drum machine borders on ferocious at times, the tempo is perfect to do your best dance moves too, and there is plenty of catchy melody to keep it stuck in your head. 'Tell Me All Your Secrets' is a short and sweet CURE-a-like with its heavy use of twelve string guitar, and Louise's vocals taking the lead for some uplifting and danceable rock. 'Siren (2009)' is a re-record or re-work from their re-release of the ‘As Darkness Falls’ EP that received rave reviews upon its original release - here it is just as glossy and enchanting as it ever was.

I seriously can't wait for the new album ‘Kiss the Girls’ to arrive, as judging from this, it will be a must have for all those who love their Gothic Rock.


01. Silver
02. Tell Me All Your Secrets
03. Siren (2009)


Louise - Vocals
Marcy - Guitar / Vocals
Stuart - Guitar / Bass

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Music: 8
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total:  8 / 10


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