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 DSC6155 kleinJovel Club, Münster, Germany
26th January 2017
I Heart Sharks & Blassfuchs

How about some “German-British Post-Pop from Berlin”? The members of I HEAR SHARKS, Pierre Bee (vocals), Simon Wangemann (guitar), Martin Wolf (drums), and Craig Miller (bass) describe themselves as “Two English boys. One German boy. One lost boy.” And what to these boys want? Obviously, they want to present their latest album ‘Hideout’, which has been out since November 11, live on stage. The album is a sun-drenched, synth-soaked collection of guitar tracks that are somewhere between Surf Pop and gritty Electronica, between California and Berlin, between nostalgia and daydreams. The new record sounds bold, self-confident, and at times naïve in a charming way. There are more guitars, more live drums, and more reality. In Münster, they were supported by German band BLASSFUCHS. Please enjoy our pictures.


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I Heart Sharks

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