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randyblytheRandy Blythe, the front-man of LAMB OF GOD, was accused of killing a Czech fan († age 19). A court in Czech Republic has sent him to jail as there is a risk of Blythe escaping before the trial but granted him bail regardless.

Blythe was arrested on Wednesday, 27th June, at the Ruzyne airport as he was to commence on a tour engagement in Prague. As reported by Czech media, the event in question followed a fight that broke out during a gig in one of the Prague's clubs Abaton in 2010. Blythe is said to have thrown the young fan off the stage after the fan took his 'invitation' to come on up to the stage literally. Blythe has taken initiative when the security guards failed to foil the fan's attempts. The fan died two weeks after it as the fall caused him a brain haemorrhage. Blythe attended the initial hearing at the court on Saturday, June 30th's morning and his defence is preparing to plead self-defence. The outspoken front-man denies all knowledge of the fan's subsequent death.

The court has set a bail of $ 200 000, but Blythe will be unable to draw out money from his bank till Monday so he will spend at least two days in jail. Preceding his hearing at the court on Saturday his shoelaces were confiscated in fears of the state of his mind. He could face up to 10 years for manslaughter. The band-mates as well as other musicians are rallying to help Blythe pay his legal fees to free him.

Source: Translation of coverage in Czech Media

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