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aghiazma1AGHIAZMA is one of the brightest and outrageous representatives of heavy music in Ukraine. The band was formed in 2013 in Kiev, Ukraine. During this time, the musicians managed to perform at most major festivals in Ukraine, recorded a lot of good songs and were shooting bright videos. All the five members of AGHIAZMA have goth different tastes and experience with music styles. They mix their gothic-rock, shock-rock, j-rock, post-punk and industrial visions trying to create something common, unique and special for their own hearts. For a few years, AGHIAZMA couldn't decide how to name their music style correctly because the members of the band just enjoy the creative process and satisfied how their egos and ideas combine with each other. "Selfish-rock" describes the creation and personality of the band perfectly.


Six-Four-Three-Eight-Nine-Triple Zero. This sequence number is the only thing that is left to the character. He leaves by his own in a limbo wearing an iron eyeless mask for a thousand years. The mask of despair that turned into the mask of desperation. Six-Four-Three-Eight-Nine-Triple Zero. These numbers, engraved on the inner side of the iron mask, have soaked into the sense of the imprisoned hermit – YOU!

Individuality and freedom of creativity are those postulates to which follows in their life members of AGHIAZMA. Let not always other people understand our inner world, but these dudes are open to sharing their world view and creative ideas with others. Their music and style go be yond the generally accepted frameworks. But this only once again emphasizes that the band AGHIAZMA is a small universe in the our big universe, it can be considered for a long time and studied from different angles. Someone sees in them comic book heroes, heroes of deep and philosophical anime-cartoons, or stylish rockers, born from the wondrous beautiful underwater music world. They do not look like anyone else, and this is their distinctive feature and peculiarity!

Zombie Dogs

‘Zombie Dogs’ is the song that helps all the pretty teenagers to release their inner dogs of anger and hate. We can hold the dirt in our souls and rot from the inside, but it is much more fun to show all our dirt to the world and make people worship it!

A breakthrough for the band was the participation AGHIAZMA in the national selection for Eurovision 2017. It is not so often in Ukraine underground music band gets a chance to be heard and seen in the audience of many millions (about 7 million people watched the line broadcast in Ukraine and around the world), so the musicians tried to approach the performance with all responsibility, did not spare time, efforts and money for the show. As a result, we can conclude that everything turned out and developed, as it should. The band performed excellently, acquired new fans around the world, made friends with new interesting people and was charged with positive energy for further creative work. At the present time AGHIAZMA is shooting their third video on the song ‘Synthetic Sun’, recording the new songs for new full-length album and perform in gat the different events as the VIP guests and the headliners. The band is also starting to perform abroad in the next year.


General Information

Band members
Kora Rex (M.REX) – vox
Igor Cherepanov (Cherep) – gwitar
Dmitry Sergeev (PlushDez) – buzz
Andriy Pavlenko (Akdmeh) – keez
Pavel Krasnoshchek (Forsaker) – dromz

Selfish rock

Semi-finalists of the national selection Eurovision 2017 in Ukraine
"The Global Battle of the Bands" ("GBOB") 2016 - AGHIAZMA in the Top of FIVE BEST
"Respublika" 2016 Festival – Main Stage
"Children of th eNight" in 2016
"Halloween Horror Night" 2014, 2015, 2016 Annual Festival – Headliners
"Breakthrough of the Year 2016" Nominees by "Best Ukrainian Metal Act" ("BUMA")

Audio singles
64389000 (Single, 2014)
Alice in Wounderland (Single, 2014)
Zombie Dogs (Single, 2015)
Narcissus (Single, 2015)
Synthetic Sun (Single, 2016)
Rape My Soul (Single, 2016)

AGHIAZMA official website:

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