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front242 detoxstaticIn the summer of 2015, when announcing the upcoming release of the much awaited remastered version of their “No Comment” album due to arrive in spring 2016, FRONT 242 not only offered the unreleasedRADICALG remix of “Take One” for free to their fans, but also opened a remix competition for the same classic song as well. Overwhelmed by the success of the competition and the several hundreds of remixes that got sent to Alfa Matrix, it took us much more time than initially expected to get all of these competition entries played to the various jury members and eventually reach a final top 3 of the most favorite remixes. 

Today to thank you all for your much appreciated patience, we are proud to release with FRONT 242 the free “Detox Static” EP exclusively available only through Bandcamp. It features a remastered version of “Take One”, plus the remix work by the 6 (and not only 3!) first winners of the remix competition.  Congratulations toAD:KEY, EISFABRIK, KANT KINO, TEFONIK, RESTRICTION 9 and DIGITAL 440for being part of the “Detox Static” sonic adventure. And a big thank you to all of you who took part in the competition.  

Enjoy this EP until we soon announce the upcoming remastered versions of several iconic FRONT 242 albums showcasing the band’s innovative sound in its best audio quality possible today. You will be able to hear these albums on vinyl and cd with the improvements or differences permitted by today's audio technology. 

And 2016 being a very special year for both FRONT 242 and Alfa Matrix, you can definitely expect the unexpected! There is so much more to come... Stay connected!

Available now for free download on Bandcamp.

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