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ashcode perspektiveThe Italian trio from Naples has been demonstrating their skills since 2014 and is now proving even more with ‘Perspektive’. Electronic Dark Wave meets Gothic and Industrial of the 80s and paints a picture of the digitized, heartless society in which we live today. “We have to learn to respect each point of view and to face all forms of life with empathy,” says the band. Luca Gillian from Stuttgart’s Cold Wave band DIE SELEKTION will be guesting on the German-language title track on the mic. The mix was done by SHE PAST AWAY keyboarder Doruk Öztürkcan. Remixes are delivered by AGENT SIDE GRINDER and HANTE, among others. ‘Perspektive‘ will be released on 18th May 2018 via Swiss Dark Nights / Audioglobe.

Source: Press Release

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