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tusn trendelburgAn oppressive feeling of the world expands that like a scratched CD persistently jumps in one place and speaks to us in an ever louder voice: So it cannot and will not continue. But even in deafening strength we just do not listen. Silently we hunt for the last booty in the long lost battle between the one up there and me down there. With the new single ‘Kranke Heile Welt’, TÜSN take a gloomy and romantic look into the future. Solid gray-black darkness, full of rubbish, old rubble and shady characters, but what remains at the beginning is the resonance of love.

Check out the comic video for ‘Kranke Heile Welt’:

On 8th of March 2019, finally the second and new album, ‘Trendelburg’, will be released! “We’ve spent the last few weeks and months in the basement exploring what we call the inner well. The result is songs about fear and doubt, failure, love, excess and sadness.” This is legendary dramatic popular music, always something over it. There is distance in every word, ambiguity in every turn. So they create closeness and new pictures. And with that, any stay goes back to thinking about a place for those who are looking for their home. TÜSN offer a dungeon of questions. The basement of ‘Trendelburg’ is brimming with action: an existentialist pop-purgatory, a redeeming sting for the digital pallor. For Good. Enjoy the doubt.

From now on ‘Trendelburg’ can be pre-ordered as a limited fan box ( or as vinyl ( and CD digipack (

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